Dolma Green Spring 05

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  1. Does anyone have the Balenciaga City in dolma green? I would love to see pics of this bag. I will be posting a WANTED notice on the Marketplace board, so if anyone has a dolma green city they want to part with, please PM me. Or if you have any suggestions on where I might find one new (aside from eBay...a legitimate store), please let me know!
  2. ET, I used to have the dolma green city bag. I ended up trading it a few months ago. I looked on my camera and on both of my computers hoping that I still had pics of the bag somewhere, but I must have erased them all because I couldn't find anything. If you are judging from the swatch on the atelier site, I think the color of the bag is lighter IRL than it is as pictured on the site. It's a really nice color.
  3. Angstofgumby, someone posted one on another thread that looks like a darker this right? Your pics looked much lighter then this one. Is this a fake?

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  4. ET, my bag was not that dark.
  5. I thought so. *sigh* I guess I will just have to wait until another one pops up...then ask for your expert opinion on authenticity. I wish you still had yours! :sad:
  6. I think mlertpac has the dolma green in city;)
  7. Oops. Meant to pm, sorry.
  8. No problem! I think the one where you posted was a post asking if anyone had purchased authentic b bags on eBay, and you mentioned a dolma. Could have been one from your "pre-PF" know, those days when we went out to shop for bags instead of glued to the computer reading the latest post! HA HA!
  9. That sounds familiar. Yes, i did buy my dolma on ebay, but I also later sold it there. I miss it. Don't blame you for wanting one.
  10. Still no dolma green bags? If anyone has one and decides to part with it, please PM me!
  11. That green looks like the emerald.. or maybe just poor lighting with the camera??
  12. ET - the pic you posted actually does look like Dolma - it's the right shade, it's just a little dark and that could be due to the lighting.

    Since it'll probably be difficult to find a Dolma at this point, you still may want to consider Origan. It's more of an olive green, but still pretty. If comparing, I'd say Dolma is more of a army green with grey undertones and Origan is more of an olive green with slight yellow undertones.

    I'd either look for an Origan or even last Fall's Olive - it was several shades darker than Origan, but still with the same undertones. It was more of a dark Olive, with Origan being a light Olive.
  13. Thanks Style101. I have looked at the origan, but the yellow undertone is putting me off. I really want one similar to Chloe's mousse color...a green-grey color. For now I will just sit tight and hope that someone eventually sells one.
  14. Okay then - that takes care of that. You definitely won't like the others if you don't want the yellow undertone -that's exactly why I chose the Dolma. For some reason, Bal didn't produce as many Dolmas as they did a lot of other colors (they also didn't come out until later in the season than they were supposed to, so maybe that's why). I see them pop up on eBay occasionally, so keep an eye out and you may find one - the newer Fall colors look pretty too though.
  15. ^^ Yes, the fall colors look GREAT now that I have seen the Blue India color! I was on the phone in under a minute on that one! First on the list for a City at Bal NY. But if another store gets them first, someone let me know! :nuts: