Dolma Day - SP 499

  1. It's not dolma but grey.
  2. Sorry maxmara, posted the wrong link. I edited and the right one is there now.
  3. oooooooooooh, doooooooooolmaaaaahhhhhhh! :drool: :drool:
  4. ok is this one real, please????
  5. hc, does something not look right to you?
  6. no, the bag looks good to me, it is just with such a low starting bid it always makes me question the bag. I don't have good bag karma when it comes to getting deals;) :lol:
  7. Eeeeep, couldn't help myself, I had to throw a bid in!
  8. OK, I'm not going any higher with my bid so please, if any other ladies are interested, then go for it!
  9. So tempting... do you think short women can look good in Day styles (am 5 feet.. ish).. ?? :angel:
  10. Cal, seems like you are the only bidder so far!!! If you get it pls post pics!!!!
  11. not crazy about the color, but I do like her Betty for sale!
  12. I've been watching it and was thinking about it Cal but I hate to outbid a PFer!
  13. This one is soooo tempting.....I'm so undecisive....good luck to everyone bidding!!
  14. Lol - thanks TT.....I'm hoping that I get outbid as I've decided that I don't want the bag as it's too similar to my grey day and I'm trying to save for a Chanel (eeeek, I'm cheating on Balenciaga!!!!!)