DOLMA city! FAB CONDITION! SP:$1399. or BIN $1599.

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  1. Do you guys think Dolma and origin look similar or is it just me?
  2. I was thinking the exact same thing. I've never seen Dolma IRL but that doesn't look how I remember!
  3. Really pretty bag and perfect condition :nuts: !!
    Good luck on your sale Swissflower :flowers:

    Thank you for posting this zac...... 'L' - unfortunately I don't know both of this colors in real - I can't answer to your question, I'm sorry :s ! Anyone else ?
  4. I've only seen origin IRL
  5. I've never seen origan IRL but it seems dolma is much grayer. I have it in the day/hobo style.
  6. I agree, the color looks a lot like origan. Why is the mirror wrapped in plastic?
  7. Thanks firstclass:yes: I want to point out that this is a dolma color
    I purchased from a friend, I think it`s dolma.

    The color seems to change so much, I took a couple pics outside
    to show the difference.?:confused1:

    Does it show better?
    This bag is so new the mirror came wrapped up in a plastic to protect
    from getting scratched up.:smile:
  8. ^ Now those outside pics look like Dolma ;o)

    Swissflower, do you think your friend put the mirror in the plastic? It's highly unusual for a real bag to have anything but the tassles wrapped in plastic.
  9. congrats to the winner, i just got an '05 olive city & it's amazing :yahoo:
  10. Yes I think my friend put the mirror in the plastic.:yes:
    In a way I think it`s smart, because it won`t get scratched too much.

    Congrats to the winner....the bag is fantastic...hard to give up.:wtf:
    There will always be more bags....:jammin:
  11. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: It did not last made my head
    spinn.....:wlae: :yahoo:

  12. CONGRATS Swiss..... on your fast sale :flowers: - - - and congrats to the lucky new mommy, this bag is really beautiful :love:
  13. DID a pfer get it?
  14. :P