Dolly's Little Closet

  1. Ok, after having enjoyed ogling at all the fab bags out there in this forum, I think it's only fair enough that I contribue and share with you gals my collection as well.. :yes:

    Here's my Chloes'... the paddingtons are all regular size (craie, red, bleu nuit, tan) together with a large tan paddy. They are all from the first/second season, as I think the paddys back then were really gorgeous. These days the colors are quite weird and the bag seems to have lost its 'weight', and at times even seem quite stiff..

    The Edith in whiskey is the newest baby of the lot, bought when it was first released earlier this year..:love:
    DSC01619.jpg DSC02235.jpg DSC01223.jpg DSC_0019-1.jpg DSC04498.jpg
  2. My Fendi hologram spy..:tender: :love:
  3. I am drooling over your hologram spy!!!
  4. My latest buy, the Prada shoulder antic curvo.. :yes: :yes:

    More photos to come!! :roflmfao:
  5. This gorgeous thing is from Bracher Emden ( , a present from my DH, who had tis specially made for me in Dec last year. It as an anniversary gift!

    They make truly gorgeous bags! All bag addicts should have at least 1 in their closet! :jammin:
  6. stop it, stop it, stop it!!!! :biggrin:

    these bags are just too lovely. Its too much for me to cope with on a Sunday morning ;)

    Gorgeous collection.
  7. It's a nice and sunny day today, so managed to take some pics of my collection.. coming right up :graucho:

    I love variety, so my collection is a little mixed, though I have the most LV's, about 20 baggies & purses in total. I like buying limited editions, so my collection of LVs consist of mostly such bags.

    I've been residing in London for almost 3 years, and am originally from Singapore! ;) A majority of my bags are still there! I will make it a point to take photos of them when I make a trip back there in Dec!

    In the meantime, it's my pleasure to share with you what I have in London now! :girlsigh:

    1) LV Multicolor Speedy in White & Black
    2) LV Vernis Marshmallow Bedford & Cherry Blossom Papillion
    3) LV Laptop Bag & Monogram Bucket
    4) LV Antigua Besace PM & Conte De Fees Musette Tango
    DSC06069.JPG DSC06068.JPG DSC06070.JPG DSC06071.JPG
  8. Want to see more?? ;) :P :smile:

    1) White Luella Gisele, Dior Boston Rasta, Prada Sling Messenger

    The first bag in Pic 2 is a discontinued bag bought several years back.. I remembered falling in love with it the first time I saw it. I think it was one of the first evening bags LV released in black back then.. I seriously can't recall the name of the bag! Anyone knows, pls help out!
    Also in the pic is a Bobby bag, and a wallet!

    3) LV Multicolor Mini HL in Black, LV Vernis Mott in Pink, LV Pink Cherry Blossom Pochette, LV Framboise Vernis Zippy Wallet, LV White Multicolor Coin Purse.

    4) Matthew Williamson Bags! :love: :love: :love:
    DSC06067.JPG DSC06072.JPG DSC06073.JPG DSC06075.JPG
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  9. Stunning :love:
    I :heart: very single piece. Perfect eye candy.
  10. Go Dolly! Gorgeous collection!

    I am in awe! Another Bracher Emden fan! You have a beautiful collection.
  11. Wow, great collection ! I really like the spy, and of course, the massive Louis Vuitton collection. ;)
  12. More.....

    My Anya Hindmarch Bikini View Rio, Shelby Paros, Daisy The Cow Tote!

    I also :heart: my Lulu Guiness Shopfront Totes!
    DSC06064.JPG DSC06065.JPG DSC06066.JPG
  13. Your black bag is an Annouchka MM. I LOVE that bag! I have been trying to get one for the longest time!
  14. You have a very well rounded collection! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Love the Edith and the new Prada, great collection