~*DollyGirl's Closet*~

  1. :love: Welcome to Dollygirl's closet!!!

    My collection... :party:

    1# Chloe
    Cognac python silverado & craie paddington.

    2# Balenciaga
    They are all in city style, leather black, leather lilac & calcaire pony hair with crystals.

    3# YSL, Fendi & Hermes
    YSL white muse, Fendi cognac spy & Hermes black garden party.
    DSC01412.JPG DSC01432.JPG DSC01430.JPG
  2. :cutesy: My accessories collecton...

    1# Louis Vuitton
    Perforated compact wallet in pink & cherry mini monogram coin purse.

    2# Chloe
    Small chocolate leather paddington wallet, anitique glass bead bracelet and skull with harmonica necklace.

    3# Hermes
    Pink/light purple twilly & cat key charm.

    4# Lanvin & Gucci
    Lanvin tulle pearl necklace & Gucci pink/gold phone strap.
    DSC01450.JPG DSC01444.JPG DSC01443.JPG DSC01448.JPG DSC01451.JPG
  3. very great collection! You certainly know what you like
  4. Wow! I love your collection :biggrin:
  5. :shame: My Alexander McQueen scarves...

    1# Small black with white skulls
    2# XL purple with lilac skulls
    3# L white with black skulls & red anchors
    4# XL black with brown skulls
    DSC01453.JPG DSC01457.JPG DSC01459.JPG
  6. Very cute collection! I love everything :biggrin:
  7. LOVE everything!!!!
  8. Ooooh I love the lilac city !
  9. Love your collection! The Hermés key charm is so cute!
  10. Great collection!!
  11. You such a classy collection!!!
  12. Love the variety!!
  13. Cute!!! Love everything!!!! :biggrin:
  14. I LOVE your Balenciagas...and the Hermes! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Very nice! :smile:
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