Dolly Parton

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  1. I watched the Oscars tonight with friends of mine... omg Dolly Parton freaks me out!

    There is so much work done on that body, she looks like the next wind blow might disintegrate her into a pound of dust. :wacko:

  2. yeah that's true. for someone so old she looks freakish. tranny anyone?
  3. lol! She has had waaay too much work done. :Push:
  4. But she's aawfull sweet y'all. Wheeee dawggies.
  5. I really would like to know what run way you all stepped off of to judge someone else's look. That's VERY mean and shallow.
  6. I didn't jump off any runway. Nor did I ever pretend. But some people's appearance, especially in the showbiz, are subject to commentary... and in her case, I commented on the ridiculous amount of plastic surgery she's had done. And in my opinion, it looks awful.
  7. Yeah, I think ultra plastic people put themselves right up there for judging. For example, Michael Jackson.
  8. She's got some huge hooters.
  9. I would never be on a runway. I have flaws just like everyone else. I was not mean in my comment. All I said was she has had too much work done.

    Every single person on this earth has made comments about how others (espically celebs) look. Celebs make a lot of money based on their looks. It's only natural to make comments(good or bad) about them.
  10. LOL! C'mon, you've NEVER judged another?:suspiciou

    Celebs aren't stupid, they aren't exactly hiding at home, they know they'll be judged. No one here said anything truly mean. The woman's had a TON of plastic surgery, she's the first to admit that - it doesn't exactly look natural:weird:
    By nature I'm not really judgemental, but she TOTALLY puts herself out there, unapologetically I may add! She's sweet as pie, but a little freaky!
  11. Quote from purselova34:
    sort of judgemental IMO;)
  12. I still don't think it's right to call someone a freak or ugly or a transexual, because they might be ugly to you. I agree, not everyone I've met was pretty or good looking, but doesn;t mean they don't have a nice soul. How would everyone like it if they were seen when they were older and people called them a freak? I still think it's mean and shallow. You should judge someone by the things they do.
  13. Maybe, but I didn't day if you look like that oh you're a freak or transexual or weird. If someone was nice and looked like that and asked me out, I would say yes.
  14. even w/ "ugly" brown eyes? LOL!

    Actually, NO ONE here said she doesn't have a "nice soul" or that she's "ugly". In OUR opinion, the amount of plastic in her body is freakish. I just re-read everyone's posts, no one here was evil in my opinion.

    I wonder what her handbag collection looks like?
  15. I bet her bags are nice...