Dolly and Versailles Bags

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks to everyone who answered my RAOK question. Havent posted for a while, campaign has kept me busy.
    Wanted to know if anyone is familiar with these two styles. Sac Dolly is a shoulder bag and the Versailles is a clutch.
    Trying to find out if they are still being made.
    Thanks to everyone for any assistance.
  2. I am not familiar with either but I am sure one of our resident experts will help! I am going to move this to the main area as it is a product related question, and will likely get more answers there! Good luck!!!
  3. Hello Jag:

    Ok, thank you. I was going to post the question on the Hermes style page, but then I thought that was just for posting photos.
    I have the Sac Dolly in Navy Blue, it was purchased at the Faubourg Store in 1980, and a friend would now like to have one also. She is willing to have it custom made; the Versailles is a very small clutch with a diagonal H on it and as well as some quilting on it. She also wants to have this one, as well as have it custom made.
    Thanks for any information.
  4. Can you post pictures Susanvon??
  5. Picsssssssssssss please
    I would love to see pics of this bag
  6. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for your responses, but I dont have a digital camera to take the pics. The dolly is a shoulder bag with the little gold horse bits on it as a decoration and also for the clasp. The Versailles is a clutch with a diagonal H on it with some quliting. I will ask my friend, the Directrice of a Corporate store, to see if she can find a photo and email to me which I can then post.
    Thanks again for your help and assistance, this Hermes purse blog is a wealth of information!
  7. I just posted my first pictures last week using my cell phone camera. The shots can focus close enough for the decoration because I posted a close-up of the hardware. Hope it helps.:smile: