Dollish Polish - Swatches and Chit Chat

  1. Tell me about it! She switched for us and they're still complaining!? geez, it's like give it a rest already. She can quite easily just stop making them if she wanted!

    Oh and whitneyg, BUY EXPECTO it's awesome!! :heart:
  2. Well, that was hard. And pathetic on my part. I do have a Cold Wind full-size and a mini Expecto Patronum coming, but didn't get 3 Friends, which I really wanted nor the Valley of the Kings. Sigh.
  3. i hate when that happens. it's not the seller's fault. she said that quantities would be very limited because of the base shortage. i understand that it's frustrating, but it's unnecessary to post mean comments. she's trying to use the best method to sell her products, but it's obvious that there's no pleasing everyone. some of us will just have to be disappointed.

    i got what i wanted during the last restock so it doesn't even affect me, but i'm always all up in these restock posts anyway. lol
  4. she should not hype up swatches if she doesn't have enough stock .... still people its ONLy nail polish ....

    i'm sticking to etsy only seller from now on i have a better chance there since its first come first serve and people can't hold in their cart for 30 min while making up their mind
  5. OK I'm bored so I'm going through all the DP listings. The things that are actually sold out say sold out so anything that you can't add is in carts.

    People on Facebook never cease to amaze me.
  6. I had no problem with the site. I don't like Etsy for well known sellers because my computer is so slow loading paypal and I always lose the items in my cart

    Either way I'm not going to complain. The posts on Facebook are NUTS! seriously they complain about Etsy then after she moves to a different site they want Etsy back lol
  7. Kelkoo89 you are an enabler!!! Haha, no, but thank you for justifying my need to buy that polish. And it was meant to be because I went back to check a few other things and ended up getting a bottle of Hip Hop also!! :biggrin:
  8. The only thing I like about etsy is that it shows how many are in stock. bigcartel could work out better for her once she has more stock.
  9. I don't like that many are not saying "sold out" but are sold out. It makes it difficult to tell if it's in stock or not.
  10. I still can't get my hands n these bad boys, but I do think I prefer the new system. I liked and bought cool indie polishes when they would sit up on etsy for weeks before selling, and I will like them long after the fad has passed, so I'm smacking myself around and telling myself to be patient, all in good time...

    The craze is encouraging me to buy from sellers on etsy who don't have an enormous following yet. I just got all of AltaCosturaVernis polishes. I didn't like the swatch pics, but I'm hoping the reality is as good as I think it might be.
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    OK dears, I'm sorry about this but don't be mad! I spent the last 20 min adding anything in stock to my cart hoping to give you guys a chance and I'm going to release in a min. We have; bigger in the inside full, welcome to the rapture full,dark elf full, dark passenger full, master chief full, I wanna do bad things to you full and mini, fire in the night sky trio full, cake is a lie full, and fat guy full.

    19.05 cst, released. I hope someone gets some.
  12. I finally got what I wanted by sitting there refreshing for an hour (except for Valley of the Kings, but that is okay). It was time consuming, but thank heaven it was a Sunday night and I had some time to sit at the computer. :smile:
  13. according to her latest fb post in response to the bigcartel backlash, she said she will no longer be announcing store openings but rather put stuff up as it is available. I think that makes more sense. sorry if you ladies had bad luck this round! I already got most of what I wanted in her last etsy opening and none of the new colors spoke to me as much so I wasn't following it. I did try going to the shop though around 7:01 and I did think it was annoying how it looked like you could add something to your cart only to find it wasn't actually available.
  14. I'll have to set up a page change alert for her stuff! I wouldn't have the patience to keep checking back.
  15. So they ARE sold out if it says sold out or not? I like the mint green glitter one. I'm not a glitter girl, but that one looks so pretty. Thanks in advance.