Dolling up?

  1. We have talked about how Hermes give different treatments and look at the way you dress. 1) How do you all define "well-dressed?" 2) How do you all match your birkins with what you wear? 3) What's your favorite designer?

    1)To me, well-dressed is someone who exudes style and confidence. If I see someone in a pair of jeans with a T-shirt and a birkin on hand, I can say she is well-dressed. But if I see someone in Chanel one-whole tweed suit, I say she have such a bad taste. I'll never be caught dead wearing one whole brand outfit!!

    2)I often wear dresses or pants matched with nice tops. I like to mix 'n' match. Add zest with eye-catching accessories like shoes, earrings, shawls and watch. If I'm so lazy to dress up and have to rush to meet clients, I just put on Chanel tweed jacket paired with A-line skirts. I don't have a birkin yet but if I own one(*baby pink*), I'll play contrast with my outfit.

    3) My favorite designer: Dior, Rochas, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Y3, too many to mention & all high-end street wear.:amuse:
  2. I'm a jeans girl - but I have to admit, I love designer jeans from obscure labels......I also wear a lot of Marni, Collette Dinnigan (Aussie Designer) and Diane von Furstenberg dresses.

    I agree - head to toe designer screams bad taste to me....I like to mix it all up a lot!

    Nothing wrong with Jeans, a crisp T-shirt (I like Petit Bateau - they fit me nice) or shirt and an H scarf tied around the neck, or as a belt! (I also have a thing for tailored jackets at the moment, being winter here!).
    In summer, I'm a big fan of dresses or skirts & camis) but it gets very hot here...and I'm *only* 32, so my figure hasn't started to let me down, yet!! (gulp!).

    I truely believe in less is more......

    THIS is how I would accessorise my Kelly when I get her!!:lol:
  3. I loveeee Marni & Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses too!!! They are so comfy and instant up the look of your wardrobe. Everyone needs to own one of Diane Von Furstenberg iconic wrap dress!! :love:
  4. 1. "well dressed" to me means someone who put some thought to their attire & has great taste. brand name should not matter. 2. yes, my handbag typically goes w/ whatever i'm wearing. 3. no favorite one designer. too much talent these days - isn't it wonderful?
  5. I agree with you girls completely, and I'm a BIG believer in LESS IS MORE..!!!;)
  6. Sory for my double post. I love jeans too, Kirstie. F. I'm into white jeans right now. So pure and great for summer. I like my jeans from Evisu, Levis', Maharishi, Chanel & Roberto Cavalli.
  7. I agree with you, hermes lemming. THere are so many talents out there, it's wonderful to check them out. I love to check out new quirky Japanese designers, their collections & listen to their aspirations. They are so genious, the way they play up their fabrics.

    "Less is More!!!"
  8. I LOVE white jeans when it's summer here!!! In fact, I love white jeans, or fitted capris, with a black top half (I need my Black Box Kelly rigide to go with that ensemble!!!).

    I'm also into pretty sandals......THIS is why I struggle to save for my H bags!!!!! (DR Kellybag has me in line, though!!!:yes: ).
  9. We have a Japanese designer over here - Akira Isogawa - whom I ADORE!!!!!!.......but gotta focus on saving, now!
  10. Akira Isogawa......he's so talented!!! I've met him before in fact he's my friend's friend. Worth to check out his collections. I always buy his collections at Barney's Japan or Ginza Komatsu. :amuse:
  11. I've met him, too - he's VERY shy!!! ( I love Japanses things....the kimono prints are divine!) So cute! I have QUITE the collection of Akira - gulp - I used to get the VIP treatment in his boutique here....but being pregnant, I haven't visited for a while (and won't anymore - saving, saving...gotta keep my mind on it!!!!!!:biggrin: )
  12. 1. i'm a jeans girl but only Levi's. Love well fitting trousers though and one or two funky skirts. Gotta have tailored jackets and beautiful shoes and boots. Things are usually black, cream, chocolate and pale blue with shots of color here and there. No "brand" names just everything well fitting.
    2. every day I'll wear at least one piece of 18th century jewelery that I collect and carry an Hermes Bag!
    3. Favorite designers? Roland Mouret, Lanvin and someday I'll have a Chanel jacket!
  13. OOOHHHHH - LANVIN!!!! I just LOVE their dresses!!! (don't own one, though!).........:amuse:
  14. oh what a fun thread
    - i only wear black or white or a combination of the two. sometimes jeans and a white mens shirt. for me more importantly then the label is the immaculate fit ans superior quality so i do tend to get a lot of my things tailored. but some designers i love is ann demeulemeester,rochas,balenciaga,yamamoto and some unknown ones from italy and japan oh and i always add jewelry (my passion:shame: )
    -as i only wear limited colours i match the hardware of the bag witht hte jewelry iam wearing on that day and prefer coloured bags (i love aslo white and black f course) to add an statement to the outfit for example black floorlenght marlene dietrich pants a black fitted shirt and a rouge vif bag)
    -style is for me when you feel that the clothes and the person form a unity and are not costumed but confident and resting in themselfes
  15. Shopmom, I'm with you on the Levi's. I also like Gap. I'm just a really casual person I guess. I work out a lot and hanging out with friends usually means a long walk somewhere, because most of my friends are gymrats like myself, so we're always trying to break a sweat. The staff at Hermes is so used to seeing my dressed down it's not an issue anymore. Dressing up will usually mean Armani, Chanel, Ralph Lauren. I actually hate to shop, but love Hermes because the staff is so great and frankly I find the entire store entertaining. I love to go in, browse and watch the customers' reactions when they find out the prices on their items. Oh, I should add I usually wear black pants during the winter, white pants during the summer and pair them with very colorful tops and jackets. I carry a black or taupe bag to tie it all together, hence my colorless bag collection.