Dollhouse for a boy?

  1. OK, everytime we go to Pottery Barn Kids my son plays with the phone, the firehouse and the dollhouse. He just loves playing with it, but.... is it weird to get a boy a dollhouse?

    I'm NOT thinking of getting a pottery barn one, but I found a vintage, yet complete Little Tikes dollhouse like this one:

    My MIL already thinks I'm weird because I got him a play kitchen! It's from PBK, but I got it from craigslist, it's this style (but the whole kitchen):

    Yes, he has "boy" stuff - train set, castle, pirate ship, legos, action figures, etc... So, NO I'm not trying to turn him into a girl, but just notice he really likes playing with these little things like it were "real"...

    What do you think?
  2. I think it's GREAT! My boy isn't arriving till March, but I'll absolutely get him dolls and kitchens and such.

    I remember seeing posts before about people stressing about toy kitchens for their boys, and I never understood why there would be a debate about it. My nephews both loved toy food and their toy kitchen, and if you think about it, most of the well-known chefs are male (think Eric Ripert, Thomas Keller, Bobby Flay, Charlie Palmer, Gordon Ramsey, Tom Colicchio, Jamie Oliver, etc. etc. etc.), so what's supposedly the feminine issue with them playing with it?

    It's totally normal for kids to want to mimic what they see the adults around them doing, and the dollhouse and kitchen and such let them do that. Where's the bad influence -- he might grow up to be a good husband and dad who helps the house run smoothly and doesn't expect to be waited on (horrors!)? I'm sure the house will be invaded by pirates now and then to keep it from getting too girlie. ;)
  3. oh sure:yes: One of my twins has a kitchen in his room. Boys love pretend play just like girls, no reason you shouldn't indulge him in a dollhouse IMO - it's practical life play:biggrin:
  4. You are going to have 1 very domesticated little boy on your hands and i'm sure his future wife in years to come will be over the moon :yes:
  5. I used to be a preschool teacher. We had the whole kitchen set and just as many boy would play in it as girls would. If that is what he enjoys playing with, I think it would be wrong to not get it for him simply because someone like your MIL thinks it's out of the norm. I applaud you :smile:
  6. What's funny is my husband is TOTALLY Ok with this stuff, it's my MIL who is not - a psychiatrist! She's so old fashioned, it's unreal (part of it is cultural). When I got the toy kitchen, she was APPALLED. She said, "You are trying to make him a girl? and Did you buy this from some little girl?" (because she knew it was used) And I said, no, that boys like to play in kitchens just as much as girls do that, as a matter of fact, this set was made to ATTRACT boys and no, I didn't buy it from a little girl, but from a family of a little boy. The mom was selling it because she now had a daughter and wanted to get a pink one for the girl because she thought this set was too boyish."

    And she just looked like she didn't believe it and said something like, "Well, I NEVER heard of a boy having a kitchen before. This is so strange to me."

    Yep.... same woman who said I was trying to make my older son a girl too because I got him a navy blue apron to help me in the kitchen!

    I think I'm going to pass on the dollhouse because the one I saw was overpriced for what you got. Maybe next year I'll get him a firehouse or something.
  7. Not weird at all-when my now 7 year old was about 3 1/2-he loved dollhouses. So, for his 4th birthday-i bought him one-he loved it. of course, he doesn't go near it anymore-LOL! But, for a good year-it was one of his favorites.
  8. Harmeless!
  9. My sons play with our pretend kitchen and food as much as my daughter does. I find it preposterous for people to think that boys should not be interested in doll houses and kitchens, just as I find it preposterous for people to think that girls cannot play with action figures and cars!

    My 3 year old daughter loves Diego and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My MIL actually asked if she could buy her Barbies instead. My dh (a wonderful man) said that any gift would be appreciated, of course, but that our girl simply has no interest in Barbies right now and we have no interest in introducing them to her.
  10. My son loved to play with his cousins(both girls) toys and I even bought him a few water baby dolls and Barbies. He is 15 now and plays football and is quite a jock. I would not hesitate to buy your son a doll house or kitchen.
    Even if my son turned out to be gay,I would not think that it was the Barbies that caused it!
  11. I think getting him a dollhouse is no problem at all! You will be teaching him that every person has their own likes and dislikes and it is good to be true to yourself.
  12. I think this is the old fear - that if you give your boys "girl" toys, they'll end up gay. That is so preposterous, of course. Ironically BOTH my boys are very much BOYS, but they both like doing things they see ME doing because I'm the one around them all the time. I think it will HAVE to help for when the older - unlike my husband who didn't even know how to make eggs when he left home. The "women" in his household did EVERYTHING for him. I am REALLLLLLY thankful he had 4 years of "roughing it' before I came along, geez!

  13. Very well said, this is exactly what I was thinking. My aunt never let her son play with barbies or anything like that, his dad is a super macho so he'd punish him all the time for acting like a girl. They never let him express himself as a kid, he is 21 now and guess what?? he is not only a gay now, he is a travesti.
  14. This is a bit off topic, but I think sometimes the people who are the MOST gay phobic, are the ones that are trying to hide something FROM or ABOUT themselves. If you are sure of your own sexuality and comfortable with it, then why would you be bothered by what toys or how a kid plays.. I think all that "machismo" stuff is a LOT of the time a mask.

    BTW.. my son IS getting a toy vacuum cleaner for Christmas and it was my HUSBAND who said we should get it, not me! LOL
  15. oh my boys LOOOOVE their vacuums! They both have one and they vacuum the play room while the cleaning person vacuums the living room! It's so cute!