Dolled up, Minimum, or all Natural ?

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  1. minimum....mascara and lipbalm.
  2. Minimal - Tinted moisturiser, mascara, eyeliner(Top Only) and nude lipcolor. I do use foundation once in a while if I'm headed to town and own mostly Chanel and Shu Uemura. I always have this image of my pores clogging up if I ever use too much make up. :P
  3. I'm usually pretty minimal - just eyeshadow, liner, mascara and some lipgloss. I very rarely wear foundation or powder....and I don't think I've ever worn blush.
  4. I like the natural look. I were foundation, lip gloss, eyeliner every day to work. I don't want to look like I am trying too hard. I am in my mid-30s but could go for younger. I think more makeup would make me look older.

    I do get dolled up when we go out (without the children)
  5. Fairly minimal -- I use several products but with a very light hand. MAC Studiofix as an undereye concealer, Neutrogena tinted moisturizer, Chanel blush in Rose Bronze, BB grey eye shadow with charcoal shadow for liner. Laura Mercier Just Lips or Nars Orgasm gloss. Don't like mascara. Never color my hair and have it trimmed at SuperCuts. Have only lately been doing my nails -- I definitely think that the PF has turned me more on to the delights of makeup!
  6. I am au makeup of any kind! I don't do facials and I LIVE in the dermatologist's office...especially now that I have a dermy who specializes in African-American skin. He has me using 4-5 products a day on my face. :cool:

    My routine is: wash face with Neutrogena liquid cleanser, use Alpha Beta-5 toning pads, wait 5 minutes, apply Cleocen-T, wait 5 minutes, apply sunblock. 3 nights a week I use Retin-A.
  7. dolled up.
    foundation eyeliner mascara blush and highlighter everyday and in the evening smokey eyes and lipgloss on top
    + facials every month plus regular good skincare
  8. I love facials.........and pampering in general. I'm a fan of Lancome' products. During the week I'm in full makeup. Wkends either natural or minimal unless I'm going out.
  9. I'm very minimal. During the workweek and when I go out it's eyeshadow & liner by Mac, Lipstick/liner by Mac and occasionally powder by Iman to cut down on shine or even skin tone, but not too often. If I'm home, it's au natural.
  10. i go between minimum and natural.
    (minimum = bobbi brown blemish concealer, YSL et touche (sp?), chanel blush, & chanel lipgloss in twinkle or MAC lipglass in VIVA GLAM V)

    ---i get a facial 2x a week.
    ---i use shiseido pureness cleanser (i use the brush from shiseido when washing my face with the cleanser)- followed by chanel radiance toner - and then chanel radiance serum. --- once a week i use chanels radiance gommage. i also use shiseidos eye cream (a lighter one for the morn and a cream for the night)
    ---when i go out in the sun i use caudalie sunscreen
  11. I used to get "all dolled up", but whereI work now, it would make me feel weird. If I'm going out after work, I get dolled up, same on the weekends. I'm a really big fan of the Bare Escentual line. Monday-Friday I only use a sunscreen/moisturizer.
  12. dolled up. plus i have to- my job is based on appearances.
  13. I wear minimal makeup during the day and will make it a bit heavier if going out at night. For my skincare, I do facials abot every 3 to 4 months and use retinol, vitamin c and a great moisturizer. All this seems to keep my skin happy. ;)
  14. I am minimalist, but my makeup counter would argue otherwise! I like to look fresh and natural with a bit of enhancement! Mineral foundation, Dallas or Dandelion blush, a bit of eye shadow, brown liner and mascara, and lip gloss. I love to experiment to find the "perfect" colors, and I collect gloss like it's candy! I was my face with Purity (by Philosophy) at least once a day, and also with a goat's milk soap bar...moisturize, and about once a week I do either the Origins Modern Friction or the home peel "The Great One" by Philosophy.
  15. I've got a near-twin here :yes: . I too wear makeup every day unless I am at home working on home improvement projects or digging in the garden all day. L'Oreal concealer under the eyes (love my porcelain skin, but dark circles come with it), Lancome foundation, eyebrow pencil, Benefit bad gal kohl pencil for upper lids and bad gal mascara. I wear eyeshadow if I have enough time, otherwise foundation with powder on my lids at least covers the veins and gives me a finished look. When I do wear shadow I swear by the Lorac cream ones that are so easy to blend with your finger and stay on all day!

    I do not wear either liner or mascara on my lower lids or lashes unless I am going out for the evening. I found they just smear or crease too much during the day no matter what brand I try or what type of powder I use on the lower lids.

    Evenings I use neutrogena pore refining cleanser and eye makeup remover...swear by it even if I am coming home at 3am I will still take the time to take off my makeup. Lancome eye cream helps too at night...I'm 39 and I take pride in looking a LOT younger than that (or at least I have a very complimentary BF!). :lol:
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