Dolled up, Minimum, or all Natural ?

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  1. Minimum. Just lip gloss and mascara for me. I'm lucky to have a good complexion. However, I am thinking about eyelash extensions, which could reduce my need for mascara.
  2. The works - makeup, although not a lot, waxing, facials, skin products etc. I love all kinds of beauty products and enjoy using them.
  3. Since I am a stay at home, au natural. If I have to attend some event with the hubby, then dressed to the nines of course. The only thing I get done professionally is my hair, otherwise I do my own facials, manicures, etc...I also love Clarins facial products.
  4. Just a skin care note: discovered a product this week that works great on blemishes...Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment. I'm starting to get wacky pre-menopausal hormonal breakouts from time to time, this stuff cleared me up in a couple of days!
  5. Good girl ! me too !
  6. i'm usually dolled up if i go out. i'm a makeup junkie...sephora is like my toys r us. i love bobbi brown and mac :love: - foundation, powder, bronzer, eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara...for my skincare i use shiseido pureness line.
  7. I use minimum makeup. I use a tinted moisturizer not foundation. I wear blush and lipgloss everyday. If I'm going to shop, I wear eyeliner on my top lid only, eye shadow, and put my mascara on.
  8. I'm an eyeshadow nut too :smile: It's like having a box of crayons for me. :love:

    As for moisturizers, I'm stuck with a brand because others would break me out too. :Push:
  9. For the most part, a minimalist. But I guess it's all relative right?!? I do a tinted moisturizer, eye shadow and eye liner, concealer as needed and a stroke of blush.

    All done under 5 minutes. :smile:
  10. My husband calls me a "grooming junkie".
    I wear Jane Iredale mineral makeup, Mac blush (Harmony, been wearing it for 10 years!), various eye shadows, always fill in my brows (weird sparse Chinese brows), and I cannot live without my Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack. I wear the full shebang, but don't look terribly "made up". I feel naked without makeup.

    Skin care-wise, I wash with Alpha Hydrox foaming face wash, and wear Vichy Ultra Fluide sunscreen. In the PM, I alternate Green Cream and Retin-A Micro. I have been a skincare/sunscreen freak since I was 12, and at 30 I don't have a single line or wrinkle. Knock wood!

    So yeah, put me down for Maximum. :biggrin: But I'm very efficient, it doesn't take me long to get ready for the day, or for bed.
  11. between minimum n dolled up - after sunblock etc, stilla tinted moisturizer for day, foundation for nite, bobbi brown concealer (always, i have really visible dark circle), blush, sisheido eyeliner for d upper lid, chanel eyeshadow, mascara, n natural colored lipsticks +gloss, kanebo compact powder, n styling my hair is a must~!
  12. natural .lil lipgloss every once in a while .....only do make up when going out (events)
  13. I think I use Minimum too...I get up, put on moisturizer and sunblock and then i'm out the door :smile:
  14. i'm definately dolled up but in a natural way, if that makes sense.

    i am so high matienece about about beauty. i love love love spa treatments, manicures, waxing (even if it hurts, soooo worth it), getting my hair done...i seriously think if i could afford it i would NEVER leave the spa/salon. ever. :smile: i figure taking care of myself is the best accessory i have...why spend money on great clothes/shoes/bags/jewelry if i'm to look like crap wearing them? and if you look well kept you can buy stuff at wal*mart and still rock it.

    as far as make up/skin care, i am a skin care FREAK. i truely believe if you're not going to take care of your skin, don't bother with the rest of it...when you try to cover instead of highlight is when you run into issues. :smile: for me the key is making sure i wash my face every night before bed, moisturize moisturize moisturize, and SUNSCREEN always. i have a bad habit of chasing the "ultimate" moisturizer or "best" serum but with my sensitive skin that ends up causing more problems than it solves. i am am *trying* to stick with one set of products for when i'm feeling drier and one set for when i'm feeling oilier. it's going ok, but it's hard to resist "the next big thing" even if it solves a lot of my skin issues.

    i refuse to leave the house without AT LEAST mineral foundation, blush, mascara, and lipgloss every day. usually i wear shadow base, shimmery champagne shadow, a brownish shimmer shadow in the crease and a whitish shimmer browbone highlighter as well. it sounds like a lot, but i get compliments on my pretty skin, eyes and lips and rarely on my makeup so i must be doing something right. now that i think about it, the only compliment i've gotten on my everyday makeup was a friend who asked me to go makeup shopping with her sometime because whenever SA's helped her they didn't listen...she felt ended up feeling "done" and couldn't recreate it at home. she said she loved how i always looked fresh instead of made up. :smile:

    however, for night out makeup there are no holds barred. its all about red lips, black liner and tons of mascara. :smile: i've gone out before and not been recognized by people i see the words of a good friend "hot damn you slut up nice!" :angel::roflmfao:
  15. Usually all natural. Dolled up if I'm going out at night.

    I guess I'm just lazy. :biggrin:
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