Dolled up, Minimum, or all Natural ?

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  1. I'm a natural. I don't wear foundation, concealor, or powder. I use Benetint and some eyeliner and mascara and that's about it.
  2. yay! someone who's with me on this one! lol
  3. Yeah! I don't have patience for make-up. Five minutes into it, I'm like: Okay, I'm bored, let's move on and get this show on the road! Whatever's quick and simple is my route. :smile:
  4. exactly, i can't stand around dabbing little bits of stuff onto my face for half an hour. that's half an hour i could have spent sleeping longer.
  5. I think minimum. I always wear liquid foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. Sometimes blush and sometimes bronzer. Rarely lipgloss, I usually just use my lipbalm at all times. Never eyeshadow.
  6. i don't wear make up.
  7. I love makeup, and the works. I tried the eye curler thingy, just never managed to make it a habit of mine. So, its powder foundation, lipstick/lipgloss, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, alternately some mascara, eyeshadows or blushes. The last 3 never made it into my daily ritual.:lol:
  8. Oh you are so lucky!!!
  9. I'm in between. I find as I get older, I look better with less makeup, but I do usually wear sheer foundation, blush, a little brow pencil (I plucked the "crepe" out of mine back in high school and they never fully grew back in), occasionally a little shadow (just one color, though) and mascara. My makeup routine takes about 3 minutes, including curling eyelashes. I always wear either lipgloss (Mac lipglass in Entice) or a sheer moisturizing lipstick during the day. I don't wear makeup to ski or swim though, and was amazed to notice how many women do.

    Skin care: Another St. Ives apricot scrub fan here! I use that every night. Use eye cream (clinique or Lancome), Lancome's Bienfait Total for day (has 30 SPF) and Primordiale Nuit at night. I've found I can really tell a difference in my skin with different products, and the Lancome seems to work best for me. I've had maybe two facials in my life, but really want to start getting them regularly. My skin really looks and feels so wonderful afterward.
  10. I'm dolled up but it doesn't look like it. I don't like it when you notice that someone wears make-up. I always have a liquid foundation (clinique) powder (pureness Shiseido), Brow shadow (shiseido), Mascara (lancome) and lipstick in a nude tone (mostly lancome).
    I always use facial cleanser, balancing softnener, daylotion eyesoother for the morning and eye cream at nights + nightcream. All my my stuff is the Skincare Line by Shiseido. I just love it because it is a flexible system.
  11. It all totally depends. I take very good care of my skin, and it only turns on me once a month ( stupid hormones!).

    Depending on my mood ( or the place I'm going ) I'll wear no make-up, or I'll do a dramatic smokey eye look.

    I have tons of make-up, but no matter what, I feel better if I quickly curl my eye-lashes ( shu uemura is the ONLY eye-lash curler to use!) and a little bit of blush ( nars orgasm) just to give my face some color, especially in the winter.

    Lip balm is also good.


    As for make-up line I like... Too-faced and bourjois both have really nice little pallettes to use, Nars is my blush/lip gloss fave., clinique for concealer, DiorShow mascera, and I have too many eye-shadows to count. :-X

  12. Natural - I don't wear makeup. My mom made me get my eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed when I was 18 or else those are the 2 things I'd put on everyday!
  13. I would say minimum, eyeliner and lipgloss is a must for me when I go out. I also wear mascara and sometimes eyeshadow, but I couldn't bare without my eyeliner. I don't wear any powder or foundation because it just feels so heavy on my face. I wake up late a lot too, so my make up routine has got to be under 5 minutes.

    For skin care, I use lancome cream cleanser. I love it! It feels so refreshing afterwards and it smells so nice too. I haven't gotten a facial yet, but I've been wanting to for the longest time. I hear they get rid of black heads you don't even know are there!
  14. Minimal for school, which is where I spend most of my time. I don't have anyone to impress there, so I've given up on looking cute (I'm way to tired in the morning!).
    Everywhere else it's usually minimal-dolled up...I'm never really heavy (unless I'm going to the Rocky Horror Picture show, haha).

    I never, however, leave the house without blush and eyebrow gel :P. I usually curl my eyelashes too.
  15. Pretty minimalist here, too. I wear Bare Minerals every day with a touch of eye shadow & mascara. I always have some gloss on my lips as well.
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