Dolled up, Minimum, or all Natural ?

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  1. I guess Im all dolled up, Mac is my favorite cosmetic line and I wear it about 6 days a week I also like Shuamora. Every Sunday I like to give my self a facial with natural products like honey, lemon and oatmeal.

    My question is are you all dolled up ? or do you wear minimum make up? or are you all Natural ?

    Do you have facials ? How do you care for your skin ?
  2. I think i'm a mix..but in general all dolled up..I was actually going to be a makeup artist at mac but it didn't work out :sad: I LOVE their makeup though...I think I love everything at sephora..I am a really big fan of hard candy and urban decay as well...I am really into doing my makeup. Oh ya, I love Nars too..particularly the blush in orgasm..However, I can't say I do facials...the most I do is st. ives scrub...but I should really start.. BTW Pradasmeadow..I love the questions you really gets great conversations started and it is so interesting!
  3. :P I guess you'd consider me an "all dolled up" more than anything else. I've always had the good fortune of having nice skin. I find the less you put on your face, as far as cleansers, toners, etc., the better. I just wash my face with Loreal's Pure Zone scrub cleanser which has salicylic acid. Now that I'm in my early forties I've started using an oil-free moisturizer in the winter and under eye cream to prevent wrinkles. Getting old stinks .... lol.... but it beats the alternative!:huh:
  4. I use to get dolled up about 6 days aweek, when I was a makeup artist/hairstylist. Now, I'm in semi-retirement due to having my 3 year old and so I hardly get dolled up, maybe twice a month. Usually I'm minimum to au natural...but I do at least get a professional facial once every two months. By the way I love Mac too, great colors and products.
  5. i'm all natural. never really got the makeup bug. i own it (mostly MAC - love their stuff too!) so that if i ever get the urge or if i'm going to a party or something, it's easy at hand, but i couldn't tell you the last time i used it. i have lip gloss in my bag and use it once every few weeks. i dunno, i just don't think i look all that different with it on than with it off, so why bother?

    i wash my face twice a day with st. ives apricot scrub for oily skin and then put on a light moisturizer. i love how the st. ives stuff makes my skin feel, and it's less than $3. my mother, the woman with the skin care collection worth thousands of dollars (she's got EVERYTHING, and it's worth it, because she's 53 but her skin looks at least 20 years younger. the woman has no wrinkles!) is the one that recommended it to me, and she knows her stuff.

    she won't spend $500 on a bag, but $200 on la mer or lancome absolue? done. i guess we all have our fetishes, lol.

    never had a facial, but my boyfriend got me quite a generous gift certificate to a great local spa for my birthday in december, so i'm going to have a fabulous one soon :biggrin:.
  6. I too looove mac! I wear foundation and powder 6 days a week. Usually on sunday I just bum around the house and don't go out.
  7. For a long time, I wore lots of makeup (foundation etc) due to trying to cover up acne. It wasn't until my 30's when I finally got some topical prescriptive products that worked for me that I finally gave up using foundation. I basically only use concealer now on the occasional spot, and under my eyes. Less is best as they say - but I cannot go out of the house without putting my face on and doing something with my hair!
  8. I take immaculate care of my skin - the whole shabang. But I am a minimalist or au naturel. I have 3 under 4 yrs old and when I am woken up in the morning by one of the twins I go, go, go the rest of the day, hardly ever have time to put on make up.
    I steal away long enough to brush my teeth, wash my face and slather on my serum and moisturizer!
    I NEVER go to bed w/o washing my face and moisturizing first.
  9. All natural at home and around the animals, minimum out and about and at work, all dolled up for a big evening out.
  10. I usually have minimal makeup (eye shadow, eyeliner and lipgloss) unless it's for a party, special event or job interview then I'll get all doll up. Since my mom is an Esthetician, I eventually become her "guinea pig" for new products. :lol: She usually gives me a facial once a month and I give myself a "mask" treatment every other week if I remember to.
  11. Thank you,
    and thank you for replying.
  12. minimum...I wear neutrogena sunscreen mosturizer most days, eyeliner once or twice a week when I feel like it (I only have a few, and no black for me - mac purple and dark green, and tony & tina golden brown), lipgloss/chapstick when my lips need it, eyeshadow VERY rarely, and foundation maybe once a month (the mac stick stuff, because I'm lazy).
    I don't do much to my skin except wash it, unless my skin starts breaking out, then I feel icky and use this amazing stuff by the Body Shop that magically gets all hot when you put it on. I love how awesome it is.
  13. minimum- i wear powder, eye liner, mascara, and sometimes eye shadow. i don't really like a certain brand of stuff but i usually get the sephora brand makeup because i'd rather spend my money on other things...say juicy tubes, purses, and clothes :biggrin: . as for my face i use proactiv and i have a really nice exfoliant from philosophy. i have neutrogena moisturizer with spf 15 (i think?). oh and from time to time i use my mom's brown sugar's SO nice!
  14. fix, mascara, eyeliner, maybe some shadow and some lip glass and I'm good to go.
  15. I wear makeup pretty much every day, unless it's just a hang out at home day. I use undereye concealer (damn dark circles!), Clinique Superfit foundation, different eyeshadows from MAC Lorac and Clinique, black liquid eyeliner for the top lids, kohl eye pencil to rim my lower lids, blush, mascara and nude lip gloss or burt's bees lip balm. I love to experiment with different eyeshadow shades :biggrin:

    My skin care routine is pretty basic. I wash with neutrogena facial cleanser in the morning and use neutrogena astringent, then in the evening use eye makeup remover and wash my face again. My skin is sensitive to moisturizers and most facial creams, and I tend to break out if I try to use them.