Dolce's Have Come Out of Hiding?

  1. Funny, there's suddenly an abundance of Dolce's on eBay. Citta Rosa, Inferno, Adios Star, Pirata....even the elusive Playground. Too bad I'm on a purse ban, or I'd have BIN faster than you can say Adios! Oh well, I guess my new Tutti Dolce will have to suffice for now.
  2. hahaha it's probably because of the thread someone made .. about their new found love for dolces!!

    some seller prolly saw that and was like "OH!! lemme put all these dolces on eBay now!!" :lol:
  3. Yeah, I haven't been able to find any Dolce's or Caramella's, and after this thread I checked eBay and there's mess of them for A LOT of money!
    Geez, somebody cleaned out the place and has been doing some hoarding. I think at the end of the year they'll be a glut of them on eBay for Christmas. Maybe that will bring the insane prices down....
  4. Yeah, I was noticing all of those. Anyone see the $150 Citta denaro? Yes, it has great placement with the pink haired girl, but more than twice the retail? I don't think so. :nogood:
  5. Isn't that carazee?! Blah! :tdown:
  6. Yeah, I saw that denaro too... I just laughed really hard.
  7. Did you already get it? I would love to see pic- I only have one dolce, but it make a great "satelitte" purse, I put it inside my luna or campeggio, for quick stops or trips.:yes:
  8. Probably I was that "someone":p!!! Yes, I :heart::heart::heart: dolces but at those prices now on ebay...uh-uh:nogood: no way will I buy them...they are just not worth THAT much.
  9. omg. i saw that citta rosa denaro. it really is perfect placement, too bad the price isn't perfect. i'm curious if anyone is really going to buy it.
  10. My first guess is that no one is that desperate for a CR denaro even with that kind of placement.:nogood: But all it takes is one person who wants it enough, so maybe.:shrugs:
  11. Yeah, I'd love to have a tan playground dolce....but not at that price! I'm coming to terms with the fact that I missed out on getting a playground piece at a decent price. Oh well.
  12. There's a used Inferno that's not crazy-overpriced like all the rest. I wouldn't pay the prices people are trying to get for a Dolce.. or that much for the denaro mentioned above. Heh.