Dolce update! (and new kitty too!)

  1. Okay, since I've been getting a lot of messages and posts asking about the kitties, I thought I'd give you guys a little update.

    My little burned kitten, Dolce, gave me a wonderful surprise this morning! I woke up to see that the outer scab on her bad burn had fallen away, and under it, it looks SO MUCH BETTER! There's a lot of pink skin showing. She is healing wonderfully, so much better than I expected! The wound dressing spray, antibiotics and such I've been getting for her are helping so much. I'm posting some before/after shots so you guys can see how she's improving. I'm also adding a picture of my other new shelter kitty, who I think I'm going to call Gabby (thanks so much for voting, ladies!)

    Anyway, here are the kitties-- both happy, healthy and doing great! I'm so proud of Dolce. She's such a little trooper and healing so well! :heart:

    Dolce the day I got her:

    And here she is now:

    And here is Gabby this morning!
  2. Hee hee! Training the girls early? I see tPF on your laptop!! :roflmfao:

    You actually may be even more surprised at Dolce's progress. After the healing is complete, some of her hair may grow over the scarred are so that not much of her injury is visible. If not, no matter. You love her, she loves you and you saved a life. Can't beat that! :heart:
  3. She looks GREAT! That progress is so good to hear. Your new addition is absolutely beautiful too. such a pretty family!
  4. dolce looks great! so gabby is the winning name??
  5. What great pix. Dolce and Gabby are absolutely adorable.
  6. Hehe yep! She's Gabbana, called Gabby-- that's what everyone thought was the cutest, and I agree :yes:

    Doesn't Dolce look wonderful? She is healing so well! I'm amazed.

    Prada, after talking with her vet and looking at the hair growth, the vet thinks she'll have about 75% hair regrowth and you probably won't even notice her scar! And yeah, they're interested in TPF already :shame:

    Thank you, rothjess! I think Gabby is beautiful :girlsigh: she's part Maine Coon.
  7. Look at her with her with her rhinestone collar!!! Glad to see the girls doing so well!
  8. Great to hear she's doing so well. what a darling kitty.
  9. gosh what happened to her originally?
    well done for you and im glad you picked gabby she is beautiful!!!
  10. Designerqueen, we don't know. We assume someone burned her just to be mean, but we will never know. She was like that when she was admitted into the local animal shelter, and I adopted her.
  11. oh that terrible, poor little thing, she is beautiful aswel!!!
    the scars look so nasty!
    good on you!!!!
    i can understand some people its so bad, i read the thread about those boys and a puppy called toby, it nearly made me cry!
    shes a lucky little lady to have found you!!!
  12. Both are beautiful! and I'm glad to hear that precious dolce is doing well. :smile:
  13. That Dolce sure is a cutie.
  14. Awwww - that poor baby! I never will understand how some people can be so cruel.
    What a lucky baby to have found you.

    Both Dolce and Gabby are beautiful!!!!
  15. Dolce and her new sister, Gabby are precious! And Dolce is healing so nicely, very likely on the inside in her little heart too now that someone who cares is loving and taking care of her:heart::heart: