Dolce or Bambino?

  1. Hi everybody, I'm new here, and very new to the whole Tokidoki phenom in general. As a result, I haven't seen many of the LeSportsac handbags first-hand. So forgive me if this topic has been covered to death in other threads: Which style makes a better small handbag/ evening bag-- the ultra-cute Dolce or the boxy, not-as-fetching Bambino? I'm talking about usability as well as style. My impression of the Dolce is that it's got a nice shape and a narrow, dainty strap. And Bambino is cute, but maybe not as easy to carry? Your thoughts? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hmm... well the bambino is definitely an armpit bag, so if you're looking for something that'll rest cute on your shoulder, then the dolce is the way to go. The bambino does fit more than the dolce, however, since it has two separate compartments~ Things in a dolce just sort of mesh up together once they're all inside.

    I have both types of the bags, and I :heart: them both very much!!
  3. i loove my bambino & am using it right now actually. i think the 2 are very different. if you have a long/clutch wallet you may want to go for the dolce, but if you carry things that are thicker, you might want the bambino. i like that there are two compartments, and also an outside zipper compartment :biggrin:

    i'm curious about how ciaos and bocces hold up, because i've owned neither :smile:
  4. i also have both. The dolce is a armpit bag...totally! As for the bambino it can be both...armpit or regular handbag. Well, you have to be on the smaller side to use the bambino as an armpit bag.

    I prefer the bambino because it keeps it shape and holds more. You'll be amazed how much you can fit.

    i guess it's all up to you and you prefrence. I say get um both! :graucho:
  5. Ideally I was hoping to use a Dolce or a Bambino as a sort of a wristlet or possibly as a shoulder bag if the straps are long enough. You know, a streamlined bag for evenings out where I need to carry a wallet, lipstick, a small brush and not much else.
    Confession: the straps on the regular-sized LeSportsac handbags kind of get on my nerves. I've owned a Ciao and currently own a Bambinone , and the wide straps cut into my shoulder and have no traction whatsoever. I am crazy about Tokidoki prints (natch), so I think I'm going to stick to collecting Denaros and small handbags. But I was just wondering where I should start...? So your replies really help!
  6. Caramella maybe?

    I don't have a bambino, but I love the Dolce.
  7. djr - LOL!! You're pure evil!! :nogood: ... but I agree:whistle:

    Coug - As far as the Bambino goes: I can say it is small, but definitely holds more than you'd think. It's a super cute mini. Mostly, you'd probably want to carry it as a handbag, I find it kinda bulky as an armpit bag ... but maybe I just stuff it too much. :confused1:

    As far as the Dolce: I REALLY REALLY WANT ONE!! After seeing everyone pics with their Dolces I'm smitten!! :drool: Maybe I'll buy one soon and let you know which I like better!! :yahoo:
  8. Yeah, looking at the Dolce thread makes me covet them. Dolces seem hard to find in older prints, but the low actual retail price is very tempting (Transporto, anyone?).
  9. aren't we all! :roflmfao:!

    coug-another option is the caramella. it's the same size at the dolce and can be used as a clutch. I have tutti caramella and use it all the time and it can fit my digital camera, denaro, cell phone, compact, and lip gloss. the essentials for the night out.
  10. coug - if you don't like the wide straps, then the dolce is def the way to go. it's the only bag with a single strap that is thin. Ithink the bocce has the thin straps but thats only a handbag, can't even be an arm hanger...

    I love the dolce, the problem I have w/bambinos is I forget what I had in which side, so I end up having to open up both all the time to find what I need. And for what it's worth, I think they hold about the same... I dunnos. some folks I think said the bambino holds more, but I'm able to fit my wallet, cell, camera, caramellina, keys, and some small makeup in my dolce w/no problem!!
  11. I have a dolce and have looked at and tried on bambinos IRL. I am tall and do a lot of sports so I have kind of muscly arms. I find that the bambino barely fits on my shoulder and is up in my armpit. Carried over the wrist it is cute, but the strap is really wide. It holds it shape nicely, however.

    I can fit a lot in the dolce, and I like it because I can put the whole thing on my shoulder without it up against my armpit. The only issue is that you can't carry it on your wrist because if you have anything heavy in there it gets a little floppy. I agree, though, as an evening bag the caramella might be the way to go as a clutch. I'm desperately seeking one!
  12. I personally can just barely fit the dolce on my shoulder & it is an armpit back imo (plus it looked really silly :p)... I consider them both handbags or ideal to carry as a wristlet.
  13. Thanks Toki lovers! I've decided to follow your advice, djr, and get both (eventually). I started off by ringing up Southampton Outlet and I ordered a Bambino in my dream print, Inferno (only 2 left!) I'm excited because it sounds like it might have good placement-- kitty cats, girl baking cookies, etc. Not the cheapest bag in the world, but whatev. And when I can once again afford to splurge, I'll set my sights on a Dolce.
    The input of all of you has been invaluable! Thanks.