Dolce & Gabbana stripe tote

  1. Is this bag a myth? made up by the Chinatown gods? The only place I have ever seen variations of this bag are on Canal st....but I want the real thing...does it exist? Bucket tote with stripes...sometimes blue & white, red&white, Black&white...etc....

    I want the real thing not a fake - is it last season?
    Thanks ladies n gents
  2. I'm also curious. I'm looking on the website but have not found it yet.....Help anyone?
  3. I just bought one this weekend. I love it but can't find it anywhere as a "real" Dolce design. I would like to know if anyone knows if it is a copy of something Dolce is producing or if its just a pretty fake fake.
  4. They keep coming up on eBay and I just assumed they were fake. Love to know if there are any real ones out there.
  5. I agree.
    My friend has one of the fakes, and I'd love to get a real one.