Dolce & Gabbana quality

  1. What's the general consensus on their handbags? I was at Sak's at Short Hills the other day and picked up a few of the bags. The seams where the leather and the zippers met had irregular cuts and the stitching itself was uneven . I noticed it on several of the bags in different styles. The saleslady saw me looking at them all and questioned me about what I was looking at. When I pointed it out to her, she just shrugged and walked away. It's a shame since I was all ready to buy one!
  2. Umm, i had a pair of their shoes and they broke in 6 months... so i'm thinking NAY... and I :heart: dolce & gabbana.
  3. D&G, I just bought a pair of their pumps, do you think I should take them back? I have a pic if you want to see them.
  4. It was almost as though she wasn't surprised at what I was showing her.
  5. I've tried on their shoes but they're too narrow for my feet.
  6. Elongreach, nice bag collection. I'd love to see a picture of your shoes!
  7. See i bought their butterfly wedges and wore them to death.. the wedge ended up splitting in the middle. That totally sucks for $700 shoes.. that shouldn't happen.. I wasn't walking in dirt or hard pavement, i was basically driving around... .

    I think if you :heart: them, then keep them. If they break, get them fixed.... that's what I did. So i say keep them!

    OOOH, but show me pics anyways.. I wanna see :yahoo:
  8. No - I must admit that I thought the quality wasn't the best!

    I want to see pics of the shoes also!:P
  9. Here they are. I spent 595 plus tax. So I think that shoes that expensive should last forever.
    dolceshoes.jpg dolceshoes2.jpg
  10. I've never had problems with my Dolce & Gabbana purchases. There are some shoes that I've worn forever and they are still fine (delicate strappy stilettos). So I think your shoes will be fine.
  11. dolce bags are pretty crappy quality, but it's not as if they're famous for their leathergoods anyhow.
  12. I have own D&G handbags, and shoes and have not had any problems, shoes, have been both fabric and leather and both have held up very well, handbags, 4, all leather and all held up.
  13. Those are hot shoes wow....high...are they comfy or they looker shoes....I love super high but, find them hard to walk in...sweet shoes....:yahoo:
  14. i think D&G is more of a fashion statement not quality leather.. i find their products funky but not that comfortable. IMO
  15. maybe dolce is getting better.......
    i saw this bag at Saks and died..... it is beyond gorgeous, and actually looked pretty well made to me, no crooked stitching this time... :P