Dolce & Gabbana pull controversial ad

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    (Dolce & Gabbana's controversial ad)

    Dolce & Gabbana bow to criticism and pull ad

    Tue Mar 6, 2:04 PM

    MILAN (Reuters) - Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana said on Tuesday they will withdraw an advertisement which shows a man pinning a woman down by her wrists after widespread criticism it condoned violence against women.
    "We have decided to cancel ... the advertising image that has caused such repercussions within human interest groups and individuals," Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said in an emailed statement.

    The advertisement showed a bare-chested man holding down a woman by her wrists while other men look casually on.

    "We were looking to recreate a game of seduction in the campaign and highlight the beauty of our collections," the designers said.

    Italian union CGIL's textile workers' division had called for a boycott of Dolce & Gabbana products on International Women's' Day over the advert. Human rights group Amnesty International had called for the advertisement to be withdrawn, saying it risked "excusing violence against women."

    "It was never our intention to ... offend anyone or promote violence against women," the designers, whose latest womenswear collection featured riding crops and silver eye-masks, added.

    The Spanish government had already called for the advertisement to be banned as has Italy's self-regulatory advertising body IAP.

    Dolce & Gabbana said it was too late to withdraw the advertisement from some publications whose deadlines had already passed.
  2. (I know condoning violence against women wasn't their intent, but I could see how people would misconstrue this ad. Maybe if the two models had more playful expressions and the other guys weren't in the photo. Or maybe it would have been recieved better if she's the one that's pinning him down.)
  3. Meh. I wish people would just lighten up.
  4. I agree with you. It looks wrong, but honestly, i don't see anything wrong with it. The first things I looked at was what the model was wearing, and see if the guys were cute or not. lol!
  5. I've always liked D & G ads.

    Maybe it wouldn't look as bad if the hot shirtless man with the chain on his right side didn't look so interested in what was happening.
  6. To me, the women looks like she is been overpowered and taken advantage of. The men are watching for more, not trying to protect her.

    One the other hand, she could be interpreted as the one who is controlling those guys by mesmerising them with her beauty!!!

    I can easily see how the public could perceive this as a negitive though.
  7. I usually hate D&G´s ads so it´s no surprise to me that this one is like it is.
  8. I don't exactly like this one..I agree with John, it probably wouldn't be so bad if the other's weren't looking at them like with such interest. Also, if the guy on top of her wasn't holding her arm down...
  9. Not so keen on this, it's all those guys hovering, watching, no don't like it!
  10. And D&G knew exactly what the reaction would be to this..
  11. Whoa! Sexy ad! It would be better with just the guy holding her down and the 'hot shirtless one' Two is enough!:p

    Off-topic, but does anyone remember that Gucci ad with the girl who had a 'G' brazilian wax and the guy was knelt down in front of her...? I loved that one.
  12. looks like a gang bang.

    can't take this stuff too seriously, though. it would be more upsetting if the woman looked like she was struggling or upset. the way it is now, it's like...violence without the violent part, which is thought provoking, i think.
  13. I don't like this ad :yucky: :confused1: and it surely doesn't make me want to buy the clothes. I think it could have been done better with maybe the guy and girl without the others. Also, if the girl was on top, it would show that the clothes make her more empowered. THis ad doesn't show that, it says women become "victims" to men in the clothes because they are sexy. Who wants that? I think D&G need to think before they put these type of ads out, especially since the majority that buys their clothes are women.
  14. I find that ad creepy.
  15. I didn't remember it when it originally came out, but I've heard references to it and had to check it out for myself.
    It's . . . . interesting.