Dolce & Gabbana Miss Pocket Shoulder Bag

  1. Patent leather AND animal print = far too much for me.

    Anyway, I am not a Dolce & Gabbana type, their bags really don't fit in with my wardrobe.
  2. I kind of like it. I love animal print, but not that crazy about patent.....but I think this combination might grow on me.......
  3. i think it is HOT !

    but too much money...

  4. If we lived on the same continent we could share our bag closet and save so much money :woohoo:
  5. I like the shape but the Leopard print patent leather is over the top, for me.
  6. ^ I agree ~ I love the shape and the hardware ~ I also like the leopard print, but the patent is too much IMO . . .
  7. Thanks for your opinions ladies. I have been thinking all night about this. You see I have found it at 60% off and I do love the print. The store which hasit is not local so I would have to mail order so I wont see it. I can return if I am not happy but I thought I would ask you first. I will keep thinking....
  8. I want to see it!!!!! Get it!!!!! LOL!!!! (Sorry)
    It might look so much better in RL!!!!!

    You can always return it, like you said.
  9. i have to decide today. it all started when i enquired about the vanity case in the same print and they told me they have the bag too. I might get the vanity case, its really cute and has the same chain handle. I dont really need another big bag and the vanity case would be good for travel. But do please advise me as I am no good at decisions.
  10. i would buy the vanity case ;)

    what is your clothing style? would it fit with the bag?
  11. Well I love animal print but I have never had a bag and it may be a bit overwhelming. I fell in love with the vanity case a couple of weeks ago and it was sold out so I called another branch. They did have it but the SA mentioned they still hadve the bag and that got me thinking. I think I will go for the vanity case, its great for weekends and I really dont need another big bag. Thanks for your input.
  12. you´re welcome. that´s a good decision! :tup: let us see a pic of the vanity case when you get it.