Dolce & Gabbana Miss Hot Baroque Shoulder Bag 50% off on NM

  1. Another knock-out bag! It's different enough for me to consider getting it ...
  2. very cute bag!!!
  3. beautiful!
  4. How I wish I have had orderer it... I'm still trying to track it down...
  5. the bag is...uh, very ugly...i bought this earlier this year, either january or feb, it was so ugly that i had to return it. and it was even cheaper, below 1k. it has been returned a few times already. hope this time, it will finanlly find itself a home.
  6. :shocked::shocked::shocked:

    What happened, crazybump?! Can you be more specific about how the bag looks in person? At this point, I'd really love someone to tell me to just forget about this bag...
  7. i wish the buyer was not a TPFER cuz i'm really gonna say sth bad about this bag now ^^

    it looks super cheap and quite old! i suppose it has been handled and returned by numerous customers. i knew for sure it had been returned before i bought it cuz it was unavailable when i first saw the pic on NM. i tried to get hand on it since, and failed a few times, u can imagine, normally, D&G bag at this price, they gone before u even knew it. however, a few months later, i finanlly sucessfully bought this. when i saw the bag in person, i was very disappointed. the leather is not good, the golden hardware looks super cheap. the whole bag is a DUH...i had to return it. and i am that kinda person who is just too lazy to return anything....
  8. Thank you crazybump! It's very helpful!!!
  9. Gorgeous bag.

    And its gone now!
  10. awesome.. we're like it! hope i can have one too..