Dolce & Gabbana Lucia - peeling of leather appliqué common?


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Oct 3, 2020
Hi all! I just got a Lucia from Saks Off Fifth (so this is an off-season, purse, maybe a year or two old? But still brand new). I absolutely love it, but I noticed that the central leather appliqué that is above the clasp hardware is peeling off. I assumed this would be sewed to the leather, but it isn't, and the corners are curling. It is held in place by the clasp hardware, so I'm not concerned about it coming out, but the curling of the upper corners looks cheap and I'm worried it will get caught on something and bend/look worse. I haven't even used the purse once and I'm a little concerned. Is this common for this line of purse? Should I return this since I haven't even removed the tags yet?

Picture of the purse attached below, the upper corners of the central snakeskin appliqué are peeling!