Dolce & Gabbana Lepoard Shorts?

  1. does anybody know where to purchase these, or even what I am talking about?
    or the price?
    i have a pretty lame magazine cut-out, and i'd pay pretty much anything to have these :smile:

  2. No, i don't know anything about them but they are very cute. anyone?
  3. anyone?
  4. no idea, but very cute.
  5. Ohhh I like them! Someone tell me where I can get those too!
  6. :crybaby:
    i really dont wanna go to a D&G boutique and have them not be there. its so far away.
  7. Maybe you can call them? are they d&g or dolce & gabbana? Maybe Neiman Marcus would have them. Is the picture recent?
  8. ^very. i know its from the fall/winter collection ill just call Neimans or something
  9. I would call the Neiman Marcus in san francisco too. they have an excellent dolce gabbana collection :smile:
  10. and I'd call the dolce gabbana store in new york city... they should definitely have it too. the only way they wouldn't is if it was a runway item only.
  11. ^ i hope its not!
  12. I just seen these shorts an hour ago. d & g in new york just got them in all sizes. 212-965-8000 ask for luisa. They can ship it to you. They have a fabulous leopard fall collection :smile:
  13. ^thank you!!!
  14. woohoo for D&G rockstar. did you call yet??
  15. ^YUP! yay! i ordered them! they are soo adorable, and they are $195
    not as pricey as i thought they would be!

    i just consider it a new pair of true religions...

    the ordering process is pretty tricky though...