Dolce & Gabbana Lace Leather Satchel

  1. One of my fave bloggers picked up one of these, I was wondering what you girls thought of it ?

    BGV7521_mp.jpg available for only 2375$ :wacko:

    It looks quite extravagant, kind of like you see someone carrying it and you know they have ridiculous amounts of disposable income. But with that being said, it kind of also looks like something that Victoria Gotti would carry.
  2. I like it, just a little curious about the lace.
  3. It's a bit too much for my taste.
  4. I like it...just would be worried about it getting dirty :sad:
  5. It's cute but I always think twice about white.
  6. I like it but I know it would get dirty really easily
  7. I think its really cute :biggrin:
  8. Something a little trailer park about all that lace...
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