Dolce & Gabbana? High End?

  1. I bought the D & G leopard satchel with black leather trim yesterday. I adore animal prints, always have, and comsider them a new classic. decided i needed an animal print bag in my "family", so at $1075, she seems to be a steal especially after paying Chanel prices. (btw, the leopard part is cloth)
    but bag snob that i am, :p is D & G a good name? i would almost rather pay more for the Prada leopard (TDF, but expensive) or a Chanel, then a mediocre name...(i know, sounds shallow as hell...............but hey.....i'm in the right place lol) and i feel marvelous carrying a name bag thats high end (of course, have to love it as well...)

    should i keep it (really do love it) or return it for a Holy Grail animal print?

    tia! :heart:
  2. I kind of know what you're talking about, but my focus is on your question of whether you should keep it or not. $1075 is a great chunk that could be applied to your holy grail (or other bag of choice). If you don't like the one you have that much..or know you would much rather prefer the same type of animal print bag from another designer I would try to save up and put the money towards that.

    Yesterday I was looking for fall coats at Neiman but could not find a single one that I liked. I know exactly what I want but they didn't have anything like it in the store. Later I walked into some regular clothing stores searching for cute t-shirts and saw they had some really cute coats! One wasn't cute at all but exactly the style I wanted, and the other two were super cute but not the material or quality I would have liked.. I ended up buying two of the stylish ones just to add some life to my wardrobe, but didn't buy the not-cute one that was in the style I liked. I would rather find the perfect ONE coat than spend ANY money on something similar.<--Here's the point that applies to your case, especially since yours cost $1075! But as you can see for the other coats it was a better value to get those two just for fun, like an added bonus and it isn't taking any money away from the "dream" coat. Hope that wasn't too confusing. In your case I would get it in Prada, just because I would rather be in love with my bags than get something similar (if this is financially possible of course).
  3. I wouldn't be concerned with whether or not it is high end, if you really like the bag. But, I do think that Dolce & Gabbana is a high end name. In Saks, it is sold in the same departmart/section as Prada. I have a Dolce & Gabbana tote in white. I get compliments on that bag everytime I carry it. Also, I've had it for about a year and it has held up very well. I think Dolce & Gabbana is a good name. Enjoy your bag.
  4. I agree. I think Dolce & Gabbana makes great bags!
  5. I'd put Dolce & Gabbana in the same league as Marc Jacobs, YSL and Gucci. Their D&G line (of clothes, don't know if they do bags for this collection) is on a lower "bridge fashion" level.
  6. I LOVE D&G bags:tup:
  7. thanks girls...................... ::sighhhh:: must think about this more, all your feedback was great though and is helping
    oh why can't my last name be Trump??!!!:nogood:
  8. I love Dolce and Gabbana, congrats for finding a bag you love. I say it's a keeper for sure.:yes:
  9. D&G is definitely high end, but if you're not thrilled to have it, then I say return it and save a little more for the one you really like.
  10. D&G isen't, but dolce & Gabbana is.

    I think they problem is that after many years of D&G and & brands being so wide spread (you literally see it EVERYWHERE here) the entire name is being watered out as a luxury label even though DOle & Gabbana is still technically up there with gucci and prada. Gucci never had a cheaper line and Prada has only MiuMiu which isen't that much cheaper than prada anyways.
  11. If you love it, keep it. When a bag is expensive I have to love it to justify the cost. A bag that costs over $1000 would qualify for that criteria, although I try to keep that mindset all of the time to prevent over spending. I tend to buy what I like and the label isn't the deciding factor, although my bags tend to be higher end (but not all of them). Dolce and Gabbana is high end; D&G is the lower end line. Just like Donna Karan and DKNY or Versace and Versus.
  12. D&G makes great bags, but I don't think you should be too concerned with that. It seems like you're not in LOVE with this bag, so I'd let go of it. Personally, I wouldn't pay $1075 for a *cloth* leopard bag. Up to you, though, of course... if it's not THE bag you want, don't keep it. Too much money to spend on something you're kinda "eh" about, you know?