Dolce & Gabbana at TJMaxx????

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  1. I was browsing at a local TJMaxx store today and saw at least 3 Dolce & Gabbana bags!!!!! I am not sure if they were real but they looked very cute!!!! I knew discount stores carried Dooney & Bourke and Coach but never any of the "higher-end" designer items!

    I was just VERY surprised!
  2. That's crazy! Were they D&G or Dolce & Gabbana? How much were they? If it is true, I won't buy anymore Dolce & Gabbana purses!
  3. They were Dolce & Gabbana! Is there a difference between D&G and Dolce & Gabbana? Different lines?

    I saw three small purses (same size as LV Mono Pochette) for $99.99 each.
  4. !! go back and take pictures to show us!
  5. D&G is the cheaper line for Dolce & Gabbana. It's like Marc by Marc Jacobs is the cheaper line for Marc Jacobs bags.

    Maybe the bags you saw were D&G?
  6. No, I clearly remember "Dolce & Gabbana" embossed in leather. Oh, and they also had Juicy...lots of clothes and a couple of leather accessories. One long tri-fold wallet in white leather was $59.99.
  7. likeafeather77: Just where is your TJM anyway?? All we get is Coach and Dooney....:P
  8. I've seen Dolce&Gabbana at TJMaxx. I saw a lovely clutch for $99.99...and some more expensive bags. If anyone wants to know, my TJM is at zip code 06226
  9. I saw a Kate Spade last time I went to TJMaxx
  10. I may need to hit the TJMaxx more often.
  11. Why? What's so bad about TJMaxx that you wouldn't buy anything that was ever for sale in that store?:s
  12. ^^^ I was thinking the same thing, but I'll withdraw from that cause I have a feeling I know where that's going... :rolleyes::roflmfao:

    Anywho, yes yes and yes, TJMAxx as well as Marshall's (seemingly the ones in the more upscale places) are carrying lots of high end bags. Betsey Johnson, Dolce & Gabanna (not D&G), Michael Kors (his high end) and a few others. Not just your "lowly" Coach and D&B :rolleyes: - I even caught a Cynthia Rowley in my Marshall's in Scottsdale. And I think... I'm almost 99.9% positive I saw a sky blue Tod's bag one time.

    Ahhh friends... the only bags you're not gonna see in these places are the ones priced above a grand. Not yet, anyway....

  13. Oh, yeah. My TJMaxx has Cynthia Rowley, Cole Haan, Michael Kors and Betsey Johnson. Yum.
  14. No, not TJ Maxx I won't buy Dolce & Gabanna bags anymore if they are indeed seeling them at TJ Maxx.
  15. ^ They, presumably, only sell the styles that the designer has had too many made of/less popular styles, so why would that put you off a whole brand? :shrugs: