Dolce & Gabanna Gold RAZR

  1. This thing is so cool.

  2. That is one flashy phone! Love it!!
  3. how wrong is it that i want that? it's so not even my style and i'm not gadgety but man...:love:
  4. Wow....
  5. too flashy
  6. I feel like Veruca Salt

    I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOW!!!! :biggrin:
  7. me likey! i just have the plain old silver one that i got before all the colored ones came out :sad:.
  8. That phone is PIMP!!!:heart: :love:
  9. flashy..VERY flashy.

    then again, how's it different from any other razr? (aside from the colour)
  10. wow is all i can say...
  11. There was a list for it in the Milan DOLCE&GABBANA BOUTIQUE in December,when i first saw it.:yes: Price about 500 euro (maybe 450):rolleyes:
  12. I definitely want!! :biggrin::love:
  13. wow. shiny.
  14. Ohhhhhh I want one!!!! Do you think they'll let me trade my pink one for it.... :whistle: :lol:
  15. It's pretty but a little flashy for me.