Dolce & Gabanna for $825 from 1650

  1. Gone like all the other NM sales bags. I'm beginning to think that NM uses their sales page as a loss leader to get us to give up the sales page and go to the full price page.... :whistle:
  2. That one was actually up there for a while! Sorry you missed it!

    I think the come-and-go nature of the sales is the result of people buying and then cancelling the sale when they find something better. I know I'm guilty of changing my mind. I probably only keep 50% of what I order online from NM.

    ETA: Aw, what a cute dog!
  3. this is available again...
  4. It's still there! Somebody RUN!!!
  5. still there
  6. great price. but don't like the bag.
  7. still there!