Dolce Epiphany?

  1. So I've been trying now for over a month to sell my Spiaggia Dolce on LJ. I'd gone a little overboard on my spending and decided to get rid of the bags I really don't use that much. Today, I decided to take my Inferno Dolce to work tomorrow cause although I feel like it's too small for an everyday bag, I LOVE the print and cannot give this bag up. So I began to put in my essentials. When I got done I had more room so I kept going....I fit almost everything from my bambinone in my dolce!! How could I have been so ignorant? So in my dolce I currently have:

    A checkbook, michael kors laminated pouch (for all my credit cards), citta denaro, small bottle of lotion, id badge for work, work pager, oil blotters, pen, tide to go, small notepad, smashbox stellina mirror and mac lip gloss. And I still have room to put in my razr in the morning and it doesn't looked overstuffed.

    So now I'm wondering should I even sell my Spiaggia dolce?? I can definitely carry more than I thought. Does anyone else carry "stuffed" dolces a lot? It did feel a little heavy...I'm just wondering how the straps will hold up in the long run.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling. ;)
  2. I like dolces i have only one

    im currently trying to find another one thats affordable for someone i know thats in the hospital..
  3. I only have one dolce too but I use it for short trips and going out and I can even fit my camera in it along with keys, money, lipstick, phone, gum, tissue, lotion and compact.
  4. I was really super surprised at how much my dolce holds too. :smile: I LOVE it. Not my favorite, since that's reserved for stellina, but definitely a second fave.

    I try to keep it as empty as possible, but ends up being full most of the time. I was really surprised at how much I liked it!
  5. I looove my spiaggia dolce!! It holds a lot and still looks so cute!! It's a very good bag for running errands
  6. knasarae - since you filled up the dolce and it holds so much and now you're not sure of what to do with your spiaggia one ... maybe just keep it? Unless it's not a style that you need 2 of. In that case, keep and love your inferno one and sell the spiaggia one. :shrugs:
  7. Reading about how all of you love your dolces make me want them even more:drool: but where can I find them....even on eBay...they only have the famiglia print which I don't like at all.:sad:
  8. I carried my Inferno Dolce for about six months straight & nothing happened to it. I love my dolce, but I had to give it a break, and besides, my other bags wanted to be used. :smile:
  9. knasarae, where on livejournal do people sell Toki's?
  10. shoptokidoki & sometimes tokiholics
  11. Thanks, Tachikomatic! :tup: I've joined up.
  12. I felt like I was overstuffing my Dolce so I turned to my Bella. I think it's just that with the Dolce it's more of a flat shape to begin with, so you don't want to put items with more volume in them.

    If you like the placement on your dolce, and you really don't need to sell it, I would say keep it.
  13. Thanks guys, I think I'm going to hold on to my Spiaggia Dolce. I also just pre-ordered a Tutti Dolce. I'm thinking with it being so smaller I won't be so afraid of getting it dirty. So Tutti Dolce. I'd like a Pirata Dolce...but I have a bella so no biggie. I wouldn't mind a foresta or Playground dolce either...but one bag in all the prints I like is fine. So the decision is made...the Spiaggia Dolce stays! :happydance:

    gingiemay, you can buy/sell Dolce's and other bags on shoptokidoki (on LiveJournal)
  14. cooool. I think dolces are often overlooked, but they're a great bag for the price. and they hold more than you think. I haven't used my dolces in a while bc I've been using my spiaggia mamma mia but dolces are one of my fav styles!!!
  15. i saw the nicest pirata dolce on eBay the other day.. but i saw who i was bidding against & let it go to them :] i have enough pirata anyways.

    the dolce was the bag i always thought i'd get, 'cause it was cheap and compact. ironically, i have none now. :p