Dolce and Gabbana Handbag!

  1. Hey guyss,

    need your help! I am looking for a dolce and gabbana bag - the leopard print one. Does anyone know what its called? and is there any sites where i can purchase it.


  2. is it from autumn winter 06 or spring summer of this year?
    let us have abit more info and we can try and help :smile:
  3. i'm not really sure what season its from. I think its part of the permanent collection. I saw it on this lady yesterday at a club and fell in love with it!! It looks soo glamourous...... thankss
  4. okk i have found a picture. - but the leather that i wanted is black. any ideas?
  5. edit read your post wrong
  6. I live in london - but no luck here unfortunately! :sad:(
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