Dolce and Gabbana Hand Painted

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  1. not a big D&G fan, but I do like these. Kind of gives it a "hand crafted" vibe imo!!
  2. I really love the bustier! The dress is pretty as well :girlsigh:
  3. i love this D&G collection..every single piece is fabolous...
  4. I think they're pretty.
  5. I liked these dresses the first time I saw one on Naomi Watts in a photo shoot. I liked them the second time I saw them on Jessica Alba in a photo shoot. But now I've seen them in their ad campaigns, on Kate Bosworth, in Elle, in Vogue, in British Vogue, etc. etc.

    I think these will be like the Vuitton Leopard dresses - really pretty and interesting, but then they're everywhere and people will tire fairly quickly of them.

    It's too bad, because I think these are interesting dresses.
  6. I like them.
  7. very nice!!!
  8. HOT. Love the contrast between pretty sheer bits and the construction-like colours!
  9. It looks like the 1st is kinda see through but i think i kinda like the top. but there so expensive!