DOLCE AND GABBANA FALL 06 Bags: Royalty and Chains.

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  1. Dolce 2.jpg

    Dolce 3.jpg

    Dolce 7.jpg

    Dolce 8.jpg

    Dolce 9.jpg

    As writes, "Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce are advancing into fall with Napoleonic zeal" and this can be seen in their velvet, royal crested, chain handbags for fall. "baroque flourishes; the rich velvets and antique golds" Anyone planning to attend court (the royal one) may need one of these.
  2. Dolce 10.jpg

    Dolce 11.jpg

    Dolce 12.jpg

    Dolce 13.jpg

    Dolce 15.jpg
  3. Dolce 16.jpg

    Dolce 17.jpg

    Dolce 19.jpg

    Dolce 20.jpg
  4. I like the very 1st bag :smile:
  5. ......and the 5th.....
  6. i like the 5th bag too. :nuts:
  7. I like the last bag in the first post and the last bag in the third post. Same bag, different sizes. I LOVE the look of that leather!
  8. I love that red one!
  9. ooh i like these! they say "luxurious" to me...i love that green one and pretty much all of them except for the barrel bags
  10. Love them too! I especially like the elaborate hardware decoration on several of the frame bags.
  11. Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Now I Need A Cigarette, Those Bags Were Great! Lmao