Dolce and Gabbana copied from Giorgio Armani!

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  1. I've read this news today and saw it also on the TV news so I thought to share it with you!
    At the D&G fashion show there were many models with quilted trousers, even 16! Well, the problem is that the same trousers were already made by Giorgio Armani during Spring-Summer 2009 fashion show.
    So Giorgio Armani said that they copied the trousers and Dolce and Gabbana were very rude saying him they don't even look at his collections... like saying they are not worth it.

    Here a video and an article in italian

    My personal opinion is that D&G should be more respectful with King Giorgio (we call him Re Giorgio, Re is king) and it's clear they copied the trousers. Armani also said that he was angry because they weren't the first person who is walking in the street but famous designers. Also, I don't like D&G at all, especially after I discover they produce most of their stuff in China and assemble it in Italy, even in chinese illegal laboratories (I saw it on a report on TV).
  2. If they say they didnt look at his collection they are lying. Knowing what other major designers are doing is part of the territory.