doing the happy dance!

  1. i know i know it is pretty pathetic but finally i got the call from my manager that all my orders are accepted and that i´ll get the first one (vert anis togo) in the next months nd the other ones maybe this december or latest beginning next year.
    i know it is basically the same i alredy knew but now it is official and i am soo extatic that i wanted to share pleas don´t laugh at me
    [​IMG] [​IMG] :shame:
  2. Cooolllll! We definitely want pics when they arrive!
  3. of course you´ll be the first to see them !
    and again sorry for this pathetic thread [​IMG]
  4. Aaaaw come on now, lilach! Good news of any kind must be shared!!
  5. Yay!! Congratulations, Lilach!! That is awesome!! This calls for some major partying and champagne drinking!!! *throws confetti into the air*
  6. Great!!!! I am so happy for you:lol: . Wow, how can they make you bags so quickly? Maybe you are their super VVIP? Because I heard it usually takes about 2 years to receive ordered Birkins especially in exotics...Any special trick to get your orders that quickly, lilach:graucho: ?
  7. Let's celebrate!!! Woo hoo!!!

    I can't wait to see those new babies!
  8. sleep with the manager :angel:

    no but i don´t know and beeing a super vvip i wish. no but it just goes quicker from time to time for my first exotic i waited a tad over one year. but i have been told that it has to do something with your local marked. for example in the us there are much much more orders in line than for germany for exmple so naturally it will take longer in the us until it is your turn (don´t know if that is accurate at this info is of course not from hermès)
  9. :roflmfao:

    Wait, so does that mean in the U.S., when they say they're going to take your specs down for an SO, it takes a while because the So doesn't get submitted at the next podium? I'm wondering whether or not that's what happened to my friend's order since she still hadn't heard a yay or nay for it - her store said they tried submitting through the Podium in Feb but was told that they must submit it through the store level, there's been no news after that.
  10. no it mens it gets accepted but the line for the bags they already have to make is so long that you´ll have to wait. i have been told that for japan for example they are already 3 podium late so if you order (assuming you are in japan) comes now in gets accepted but you´ll habve to wait until they mastered the orders from three podiums back.
    but again dunno if that is true even though my source has a lot of credit. my manager won´t tell me about any orders outside my country so he could´t or wouldn´t confirm
  11. Three Podiums late? So let's see ... each Podium is about 6 months apart. 3 Podiums make that 18 months. Each SO takes about 8 to 10 months to make ... So that means in Japan people who are SO-ing their bags will probably have to wait about 2.5 years?:blink:
  12. :yes: tha is the way i understood it
    oh and just for the record about birkins kellys in germany. my manager had only my orders and 3 other exotic bags and only a handful of normal leather ones.(all the other orders beeing neutral colours)
    we had a chat about the consuming manners once and even though the birkin is still hard to get in germany it is considered "easy" to get when compared globally. ah and the exotics don´t run that well they do have their yearlong customers who love them and buy them but even they would only use them while outside the country.
    ah and all and everything has to be neutral and not eyegrabbing and no attention please. very very low key . 8i knew that from the jewelery stores too only plain designs and if it is outstanding it leaves the country)
  13. Lilach! This is GREAT news! I'm so happy for you sweetie!!!! Wonderful, wonderful news......and of course, pictures just as soon as they start rolling in!!!!!!!!
  14. Yeah!!!!! :party:

    That is such great news!!! How can you not be excited!!! So happy for you, definitely a cause for celebration!!!!
  15. Gosh darn it, I need to move to Germany. Now who can get me hooked up to a job at a global consulting firm?:P Do you know if the SO line in the U.S. is as bad as Japan?

    I don't know, I cannot seem to get into neutral colors. I kept telling myself I should get neutral colors and stop with the pinks but I just cannot help it. I don't think I'll ever get neutrals.
    Btw, are European countries the only places where they handle the bags with gloves?