Doing the happy dance!!!

  1. My brother got my l'amore in caramella!!! It was a bit more than i would have paid but not more than a dollar or two more than they last ones went for on eBay.

    he got m exact placement on both sides and he mayhave also gotten a date out of the deal ;)

    He is going to send it to me later this week. I am sooooo excited! this has been a great toki week (between the extended sale and the hawaii toki find)


    i will post pics of all of my new stuff once it arrives. i am hoping by the end of the week i will have everything.
  2. Congrats!:tup:
  3. Ooh, that is awesome! Guess your brother is a smooth talker! :supacool:
  4. Awesome!! Can't wait to see it!!
  5. Lol. A date + a toki huh? I wonder which SA it was. XD
  6. Congrats!! Pics .. pics .. pics ... heheheh ... Lucky bro .. I am sure the SA was moved by his kindness. Buying a toki for his sis, the ultimate pick up line! LOL~
  7. congrats! Can't wait to see pics
  8. I've never actually seen a Caramella. Cant wait for pics!
  9. yeah! i do not have my caramella in hand but my brother very nicely sent me pics. it is exactly what i wanted. i really wnatd caio caio and adios on it. i do wish that i could have had a bit more of the butterflies but what can you do? i appreciate him getting it for me!

    here it is. this si the back, but the front is the same except the print is a little higher to see more of the butterflies.

    copy of caramella.jpg