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  1. Hello,

    I want to get your opinions on how to show my gratitude to my SA who is amazing. I've done a search since I remember reading something similar but it wasn't what I was necessarily looking for. I know many say that Godiva is the way to go but I want something a little more personal but not too personal. I was also wondering where I could get the information for the regional manager so that I could write a letter about my wonderful SA. I will be visiting the store next week and would really like to bring something nice to him, but I don't really know what he's into. Thanks
  2. Maybe a GC to a restaurant? I think writing a letter to the regional manager is a great idea. You could probably call the store and get that information.
  3. :yes: writing a letter is a great way to compliment and to let his boss know how good of a job he has been doing :yes:
  4. I agree. If I were in sales again I would prefer this over chocolate or giftcards any day!
  5. Agree with everybody- a letter is a good way to go. The manager will find the right way to reward the SA, maybe with a bonus, "employee of the month"(if they have something like that), etc.
  6. I gave my SA a Hermes bangle, but I think it might have been too much and wasn't sure how appreciated it was.
  7. I definitely think the letter is the best way to show gratitude to a wonderful SA. I also think the gift card is a great token as well.
  8. Thank you guys, I knew I could count on you for advise. I'm thinking either Godiva + Letter, or Letter + edible arrangement made out in LV or in his initials. Also do you guys think that 866 will provide me with the regional managers info? I don't really want to call the store and ask because I kind of want it to be a surprise.
  9. BUy her a small box of Godiva Chocolates that's what I bought my SA when she got me my first rare Item she loved them also you could let her manager know what a great job he/she is doing...
  10. ^^Thanks LMM, I wish it were that easy for me, but I can't just talk to the manager because my SA is the manager, and its a guy who's really fit, so I'm not sure he''' like the chocolates as much. Either way I'm going with something edible, you have to start small. I don't want to start off with a gift that costs more than the bags I buy kwim?
  11. well whatever it is im sure he will appreciate it!
    and who says fit guys dont like chocolate ;)
  12. letter would be good ?
  13. I usually buy little nibblies for my favourite SAs. On occasion I've given emery boards and compact mirrors from Paul & Joe and hand creams from Crabtree & Evelyn.
  14. Letter is great. If you know your SA has a sweet tooth, you may also get a gift basket filled with chocolates, cookies and tea?
  15. Great thread. I like the idea of a letter, but if you call 866 what exactly do you ask for? Where to send the letter? To "head office", not the actual boutique? I'd like to do the same for my SA.