Doing some more thinking (uh-oh that's never good!)

  1. I've been on the fence about what to do with the first Coach bag I bought. It's a mini-sig duffle in purple with dark brown suede trim. I took off the tag but never ended up wearing it. I even still have the receipt (I keep them for all of bags just in case I ever need them). Between buying this elusive pink tote (which I HOPE the right one actually makes it here this week) and seeing what a couple of these duffles have gone for on eBay, I think I'm going to say goodbye to the duffle. It's not as if it's a bag I love although it is pretty and it's not a special bag like the LE scarf hippie, it still makes me very sad because this is the bag that I bought when I first got into Coach in June. Anyone else sell the first bag that they bought when they first discovered Coach?
  2. I think that If you are not going to use it then you should sell it so that someone else can use it and you can get money for it to get some accesories for your new tote ! I know what you mean though, I am sentimental about my first bag but I use it all the time.
  3. I TOTALLY know how you feel! I havent sold my first Coach bag I bought b/c I plan on giving it to my daughter one day, but if I had no use for it, I would sell it. If you arent going to use the bag, sell it and let someone else enjoy it and use it! Besides....bags need to have fun...right???!!!!
  4. I REALLY want to get the heritage stripe cosmetic case to go with this tote. Don't want to mess up that pretty tattersall lining!
  5. I have sold all my bags I don't use any longer.
  6. That would be a beautiful accessory ! Also you could get a cute charm for it or scarf like something in pink signature would be cute or something green to go with the pink
  7. It's ok, I sold my first ever coach bag a little while ago... a Soho Hobo in Mahogany leather... I didn't know what I liked back then ( back last January:rolleyes:)
  8. I haven't sold any of my bags(the whole, like three) but am thinking of selling the light blue one on eBay. Only thing is that I don't know how it would do, it was not a real popular bag, and I think someone on here told me it was just an outlet bag. I've only used it a few times, and I paid like, $150 for it..
  9. I still have my first Coach bag that my mom bought me, but I think it is only because my mom got it for me and it has some sentimental value to it.
  10. I don't think anyone would want my first Coach bag. It's a mahogany Willis bag from 12 years ago (I think). It's very "broken in" you might say. :smile: Of course, I haven't used it in many years.
  11. Yeah, I sold my first Coach bag! It was a shoulder tote in khaki/mahogany. It just wasn't me and I had to sell it so that I could buy something else that was more me! LOL! I wasn't emotionally attached though so it wasn't hard for me to say good-bye to it!
  12. If you know you're not gonna use it, you might as well sell it... it does no good sitting around in a closet.

    As for selling my very first Coach bag... in my situation it'll never happen because it's from my parents. It's the black signature soft demi pouch and I only use it for special occasions where I need a "little black bag" or when I have an outfit that won't match anything but that bag. Hehe.
  13. If you don't have an emotional attachment to it or any further use for it, I say go ahead and sell it. I've kept my first leather Coach bag (many years ago!) because I really saved up for it and it was like a milestone for me. I am also keeping my first signature bag from 2003 because it was a gift for me after the birth of my child, so it also holds sentimental value for me everytime I look at them - it always makes me smile.
  14. I sold my first 2 bags to put towards a new one, and I'm glad I did. Although after reading some of the posts, I feel a little bit guilty since my mom bought me the first 2 & now they're gone :shame: However, she was really happy for me that I got a bag I will actually use, since the other 2 just sat in my cloest. Think of it as a wise investment :smile: That way you can get something you love even *more*!!
  15. I won't sell my first Coach bag because it's my black leather Carly - but I've sold other Coach bags before. Sometimes you just gotta make room!