Doing Returns in the Same Day?? URGENT!!

  1. Ok I just picked up the lil makeup bag that goes inside the bucket in the damier (bjara & andrea, you guys know which i'm talking bout right?).. anyways, i got it for me cuz i'm going on a trip tomorrow and i "need" it more than the other thing that i bought...

    and the other thing would be a 9card billfold wallet. lol. It was more of a spontaneous thing than the makeup bag (which i had been thinking about since our socal meeting!).. so the more i thought about it on the way home, the more i looked at it, and found flaws! the stitching was weird, and whoever made it seemed to have miss a piece of leather to cut off cuz it was hanging out... (and the more i looked at it the more i noticed the hanging leather piece, and weird thread stitching!).

    so i'm thinking of returning the wallet... but my question is, do you think it's okay to return in the same day?? I bought it about half an hour ago, and I have work at 4pm, so I'm thinking of returning it close to that time (maybe 3:30-3:45pm ish)...

    I feel bad/guilty for doing it, but:
    a) i dont need this wallet as much as the makeup bag
    b) there are flaws in it that would bug me anyway
    c) it's the last one they have in stock so i couldn't exchange it if i wanted to.

    this doesn't make me a bad person right? i hope Hong doesn't think badly of me. :sad:

    ps: saw the damier speedy & keepalls.. omg TDF.
  2. I wouldn't feel bad taking it back the same day, especially since it's defective.
  3. Don't feel guilty for returning it. If you don't need it, then return it. The keepalls are awesome!!!!!
  4. i had to exchange my wallet the same day i bought it. i was so excited to buy it i didn't scrutinize it until i got home and then i was bothered that some of the CC holders were stretched out :rant: so..........i took it back and exchanged it about 2 hours later! the SA who helped me was alerady gone so this other guy had to help me, who acted like i was making a big deal out of nothing. i didn't give a crap though because that's my $600 i can be as picky as i want. in fact, i made him show me about 5 other wallets until i found the right one :lol:
    don't feel bad/guilty. that's your hard-earned money!
  5. Don't feel bad. Just return it and you can even explain your problem to your SA. I'm pretty sure she'll understand especially if you're already a frequent LV shopper. :amuse:
  6. It is your money, return it!
  7. alright guys. i'm off to pick up some food and to return the wallet. thanks everyone for their responses. i'll post pics of the makeup bag later (to give you guys an idea, it's the lil pochette that goes inside the marais bucket bag. they sell them seperately (!) and they're ONLY $135. what a steal. haha.
  8. I've never seen this, so I can't wait to see the pic. $135 is cheap!
  9. I can't wait to see the pic. That makeup bag sounds like just what I need. :biggrin:
  10. Who cares what an SA thinks.
  11. I wouldn't feel weird about returning it - even it was $5 and I wasn't happy with it, I'd return it! Congrats on your new purchase and show us some pix later! :smile:
  12. NO WAY!!!!! Return it! If you don't love anything that is above $10.00 then return that sucker!!! I wouldn't feel bad at all. Especially since you see flaws in it. For that price the product should be exceptional and if it's not---return.
  13. Hong won't mind. She is a sweetie. Especially since what Tammy said, it's defective.

    BTW....that little make-up bag is going to get a complex if you decide you need to return that too! :amazed: One of our group got it, and returned it when she got the Speedy. Hong put it on hold for me (remember they only had one left?) and when I went in there last week to pick up the Speedy, I decided to keep my Poche Cosmétique Damier after Hong and I realized it was more what I needed after all. I thought the base might be too wide, but it's perfect. :biggrin: It was meant to be, since you had been thinking about it since our meeting! I had asked Hong a few days after that if they had gotten any more in, and she hadn't, and didn't know when they would send any more since it is not a "regular" item, but more of an accessory for a certain bag.

    It is such a cute bag! :heart: But sloppy me wanted the washable plastic lining that came in my cos. bag that I kept. Just in case....:P
  14. You are returning well within the time limit, so to heck with what the SA thinks (agreeing with previous poster). I've done this at Nordstrom where I bought a wallet and then walked right back 5 min later and returned it. LOL
  15. frozen7313- please dont forget to post pics!! I really would like to see what all you can fit in there!!!