Doing my own eyelash extensions... hope it's safe

  1. Hey guys,

    Remember my big obsession with eyelash extensions and many, many failed attempts at salons? LOL After all that money I spent, I found out that I do a WAY better job myself.

    Ardell sells individual lashes just like the ones they use in salons... I've been applying with with Ardell LashTite. This glue is AMAZING... while salon eyelash extensions have fallen out within a week, these stay on until my eyelashes naturally shed.

    The thing is -- is this glue really safe? I'm paranoid about getting eye cancer or something from the chemicals. There is NO warning on the glue package and I just called their customer service... I was told it's perfectly safe to use regularly.

    Glue is glue, however... do you think it's okay to be using it so regularly? I'm not going to end up blind or anything?

    lol Sorry if this sounds silly!
  2. When I was in school a long time ago, we trained to do Ardell individuals as a semi permanent thing-we were told if we did it properly it should last a week or more, so I would think you are okay? This was before the whole eyelash extension thing.
  3. Which Ardell lashes are these? I know/seen of the ones where have 3 or 4 hairs on 1, and u place it in between ur lashes. Are there ones where u can put on the TIP of ur lash hair?
  4. Btw, I am a fan of false lashes. ( I own about 200 pairs!! lol ) The glue seems harmless...but the only bad side that I have experience so far is if I place the faux lash too close to my real lash, and when its time to pull it off, I tend to pull out a lash or two. ( Yes, it hurts!)
  5. Okay, I definitely want to know how you do it yourself? Where did you find the products? How much you spent on the products?

    I am so done with going to this salon, I love the lashes but one I think she really doesn't do it right because I can fill where the glue is, two I hate the tape she put under my eye that feels so irritating then lastly the burning I feel whenever I stand up. And it seems from other post I have read on many boards, people get up like it ain't nuttin, so obviously something is not adding up with her.

    I am new here, found this post searching for eyelash extension blogs, you said something about the bad experiences you have had before, can you please enlighten me on what that was or where/how I can find those post?
  6. It doesn't sound silly at all! It is prudent to research ingredients of products you use regularly. Here's a site I've found helpul: EWG Report || Skin Deep || Search Results Hope this helps!
  7. ^^^^
    Thank you, that was a lot of help. Eeek, now I'm scared to use the glue... maybe I can find a better replacement.
  8. ^^^
    Actually, but then again, they rate NARS eyeshadow as a 4 (with 5 being the highest "concern" in terms of safety)...