Doing my Diet the Celebrity way

  1. Hhaha no its not a crash diet ( title was for amusement purposes)

    but ive just joined this company in bahrain called Health Watchers ( yes a rip of name of weight watchers) anyway they asses you and find out how many calories you need to lose weight and then they give u a diet where they send u the food..

    so i started yesterday im on 1200 calories

    Yesterday my breakfast was a muffin
    snack was a kiwi
    lunch was 4 cheese pasta and a salad
    and desert was cheesecake
    and dinner was a burger and a salad

    that was a full 1200 calories. they send me the food today for tomorrow so i have everything ready and i just microwave the food.

    Today is day 2 breakfast was a peice of brown bread with cheese

    snack a banana

    lunch is a mushroom steak with mashed potatoes and salad

    and dinner is chicken pasta salad.

    they make everything fresh and deliver and use all wholegrain items... im going to go on it for 3 months... ive had friends do it and they were very happy with results.

    just thought i would share
  2. Hmm... 1200 calories might be too low if you are really active, but what a fantastic idea of the fresh foods! I wish that I had something like that in my area!
  3. ya im not very active though.. hahah in this week i went ot the gym once for 30mins..

    the plan is to lose weight at a ahelathy rate ( about 1 kg per week) so lets see how ti goes

    when i travel ( weekly basis) i have to hold off the food for those days but i rtry and follow same guideline whilst im away
  4. I did that 4 years ago, and the food sucked... So I lost 10 pounds lol!
  5. hahah ya the food is not the best... its all a bit tasteless and dull.. but am ok so far ( mind u only day 4) and there seems to be lots of options.. haha so lets see
  6. The food sounds good, though maybe doesn't taste good. Good luck to you! I want to lose 5 lbs, thats it. I came to the realization that the reason its so hard is because I have no motivation.
  7. ya. this is good cuz everything is ready but really its all about portion control and healthy eating, with EVERYmeal there is a salad without fail and the portions of the other foods are small...

    this guy in my office is a large man he has been on it for one month ( 1700 calaories) and has lost weight ( hes not sure how much yet) im going to weigh myself at the end of the month and then letyou all know how i get on
  8. Boo, how are you doing with this? :nuts: I have to say this way sounds great. especially since I HATE cooking. lol :p
  9. Way to go! Good luck. Diet food isn't always the tastiest, but you really see a difference on how much you can eat after you've been on portion control. Also, it regulates your potty time like no other lol (or maybe that's just me).
  10. Wow!!! Sounds like a good deal!!! I would love it if someone measured out my meals for me!!! Good luck and let us know how you do!!! I am also trying to lose some weight... *crosses fingers*