Doing "Color"...Brique Gao

  1. Trying color for the first time with an assist by my fabulous SF friends...

    LOL...she fits right in...

    Brique Gao w/ PH...flash and no flash...
    100_FUJI0001.JPG 100_FUJI0002.JPG 100_FUJI0004.JPG 100_FUJI0003.JPG
  2. I like this bag a lot! The color is also a great neutral, I think. The style of the bag looks a bit similar to the cacahuete.
  3. Love it.:heart: I think the Gao looks amazing in color - something about the shape really makes the color come to life. Congrats!
  4. And a color close-up...
    100_FUJI0006.JPG 100_FUJI0005.JPG
  5. socal, yummy gao!
  6. This shape is my all time favorite even though I have my mind set on a birkin I really like this. Wear it well in good health
  7. LaVan...I agree...I thought of HH and a "whisper" bag...

    AuthenticLux and Patz...Thank you! I am going to give her a whirl on Maui at the end of the month!!!
  8. Thank you! I was quite surprised as I had never seen this style IRL is soooo nice on the shoulder and...LOL...quite "slimming"...
  9. YAY SoCal!!! I love it!
  10. i love Gao and the color is gorgy!!!!
  11. So pretty SoCal, what a great looking bag!
    Congratulations and have a great time on Maui!!
  12. i really like the color.the bag is beautiful!!!
  13. Uh oh! This makes me want one.
  14. Thanks, all! She will be a fun change for me in certain contexts!
  15. that is a beautiful color and I like the shape of that bag for a go to shoulder bag. It will be perfect for Maui. Have fun