Doing anything new this summer?

  1. Is anyone doing something new? I have had the most beautiful garden this year thanks to PHH---so I have tons of fruit and got into baking pies. Yes, pies-who would have thought?:yahoo: I have a peach pie in the oven for the children and I and a rubbard and blueberry pie for hubby baking as I type. I will make two pies for my neighbor tomorrow who is coming home from vacation. It is like I am really into baking different pies.:shrugs: I never did much pie baking before, only Amish apple pie which is my favorite.
  2. i'm growing my hair out (yea i know bad time to do it, but i don't care) and prepping for a new hair style.

    and... that would be it. i've had current hair for at least 15 years, so it's time for a change indeed. hehe.
  3. I am growing my hair out too, I have had it very short for the past 10+ years and finally decided I want it to grow out to a chin length blunt cut. My bangs almost reach my eyebrows but I still have very short layers all over and kind of a bowl cut look. I need a good trim to get some shape and want the neck cut shorter but I really hope I can wait it out and grow it. I thought headbands might look cute to help the bangs grow out.
  4. well i've had short spikey hair for almost all my life, and now i wanna do something drastic and change completely.. how is urs gonna look? here's how mine'll look in hopefully a few months, color and all (i'm naturally dark brown hair):

    :yahoo: i can't wait!
  5. well as I've never taken a summer off. I mean during the academic year I have always been a student, and during the summer I've always worked in soem capacity and volunteered.

    This is the first summer I'm actually taking some time off, and hopefully in August hubby will be able to take off and do a mini-vacay.
  6. going to europe for the first time! :smile:
  7. Yep. We started a vegetable garden. We're growing heirloom tomatoes that will be ready in about a month. I love tomatoes with a little fresh basil, olive oil and salt and pepper on them!:tender:
  9. I'm going to start learning ballroom dancing! woHOO! I'm soo VERY excited about that!
  10. This summer I have wakeboarded and wakesurfed for the first time ever. I am really getting into the wakesurfing which is really cool and I would highly recommend it to all of you to try!
  11. Getting a divorce...
  12. I'm getting an article published in Australia :wlae:
  13. I'm going on trips...actual trips!
  14. Taking a jewelry making class - using metals and such. I've even gotten to play with a blow torch...
  15. Getting into dart frogs. I keep a variety of reptiles and 'phibs but this is a first for me. Lot of work. Right now I'm starting on culturing the food, should have the frogs within a few weeks. If I had more space, time and money I'd probably set up a nano saltwater reef tank.