Doing a little "Peyton" happy dance!

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  1. So, I'm not good at the reveals yet - but here's a few more goodies I have aquired in the past couple of weeks. And the BEST one came TODAY!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    2010 001 web.jpg
    I was so happy to see this bag!

    And a few more

    2010 002 web.jpg

    2010 003 web.jpg


    2010 004 web.jpg
  2. Cool stuff!
  3. Love the Peyton, she's hot! And the planner is too cute! Great items :woohoo:
  4. They're so pretty. Congrats!
  5. Great buys! I love the Peyton!
  6. Great stuff! I love the Peyton in that color.
  7. ^^Couldn't have said it better!! :P

    Love them both, congrats!!
  8. That color on the Peyton rockS!!!!!
  9. lovely peyton! i love your scarves very cute!
  10. peyton is awesome!!! love the scarves too
  11. great stuff!! love that pony scarf!
  12. Thanks, everyone! I caught the fever and had to have the Peyton. It's the perfect bag for me because I can carry all my my work items and STILL have room :happydance:
  13. congrats!!
  14. She is truly gorgeous! Congratulations.
  15. Congrats! Love your Peyton! Where did you get it from?