D'oh! Oops, heh.....

  1. So yea, I made the alarm go off walking into the new outlet. But since it went off with everyone else who walked in, I thought nothing of it.

    I made the alarm go off walking in and out of Bloomie's, but they urged me through.

    Today, I made the alarm go off walking into Walmart, they smiled. I made it go off walking out to where I was stopped and my grocery bags were checked. Cashier confirmed all I bought was food and cleaning supplies, plus the purse I was carrying was too small to hide any electronic anything.

    I finally dug in my purse and find the magnet strip I stupidly threw in my bag when my Legacy Ponytail scarf was shipped during PCE.

    Lesson learned!
  2. *LOL* You poor thing. I HATE it when I leave something in my purse that sets alarms off. It's so embarassing.
  3. You would think I would have figured it out after the first two stores!
  4. LOL..I had that happen with a CHANEL wallet once..They had placed a tiny sensor in the change purse(forgot to remove bfore shipping to me!!)...heehee..took me a week of settin off alarms before I figured it out.OY!
  5. If you're as oblivious as I am sometimes, then no, I wouldn't think that at all. *LOL*
  6. This happened to my mom with her very first Coach bag. It came from the outlet and she didn't know that they stuff those little magnetic strips in inconspicuous places. She was setting alarms off everywhere for over a month and she finally called me to ask me about it. She couldn't find it so I had to go over and find it for her. :p
  7. I'm always setting off alarms wherever I go..I always leaves those tags in my clothes. One time at the Gap an SA handed me a pair of scissors and told me to cut them out!
  8. lol wow...i dont think anything like that ever happened to me..
  9. lol.....I know I've set off alarms after buying something from one store where they didn't take the sensor off (but the alarm didn't go off when I left THAT store) and walking into another store......even if I don't have any bags from anywhere else I've walked in stores and the alarm went off....never thought it could've been something in my bag or wallet...
  10. lol!! haha thats so funny! at least it was removable! i remember i bought this CUTE dress from like dillards or something to wear on an anniversary date with my bf...we were going to san diego and it was a last min purchase so i just threw it in my suitcase and that night i went to put it on, and YUP the tag that was NOT removable was on there! yuck!
  11. When the Coach outlet @ Sawgrass Mills first opened I got a microfiber tote & set off alarms in many stores. Finally, my DH took the magnetic strip out of my bag & that solved the problem. It's embarassing!
  12. been there done that!