DOH... No one is going to be able to find my auction.

  1. Ahhhh... I messed up, any advice?

    I have a handbag listed on eBay right now, that had a low starting price and BIN. Someone has bid on the starting price and there are fewer watchers than expected.

    While trying to figure out why "not that many people" were watching... I replaced the pictures, so they looked better and was going to try to add some things to the listing when I realized....
    I FORGOT TO PUT HANDBAG or PURSE in the TITLE........:noggin:

    I can't change the title or put a subtitle, because there is one BID!!! Is there anything I can do???? TIA!
  2. Maybe try to end your listing early, and then relist? I'm not sure if this will work.
  3. ^^ Yeah i think its the best way to do it
  4. Thanks Litigatrix and pinkish_love for the quick replies... I hadn't thought of that. (Where is my head this week??)

    I've tried about every single way to try to get to the title or add a subtitle, but it just won't let me do it, since one person has already bid... I'll check into eBays rules on ending items.

    There is hope~!
  5. Hmmmm, I guess I'm confused. If the bag is listed in the correct category and has the brand name or proper key word, it shouldn't really matter if you have the work "handbag" or "purse" in the title.

    For example, when I list LV or Balenciage, I never add either handbag or purse in the title or subtitle, just something like:
    "Authentic Balenciaga Medium City - BNWT"

    Sorry if I am misunderstanding the issue and good luck!
  6. hey, what is your eBay id? im always looking for authentic sellers! and tpf is the best!
  7. I think things might be slow this week because I haven't noticed a lot of activity on my auctions either. If you want to terminate the auction and relist, you'll need to cancel the bid you have first. You can email the bidder before you cancel to explain that your title needs adjusting and invite them to bid on the new listing, which they will probably do if they're truly interested in the handbag. Otherwise, they might be confused by their bid being cancelled.
  8. Thanks for all the great replies... I just got back from stepping out to the mall real quick.

    livethelake - You do have a point, I have all necessary info - like color, name of brand/bag, etc. Just didn't put "purse" or "handbag" as a descriptor. Some of my other listings have been slower than usual... so maybe that is just it too.

    Yikes, I would feel kinda guilty to end auction, but I am really torn... So - I think I am just going to wait it out and see what happens. If nothing else, if it goes for the lower price that I set it at it will be punishment for not proofreading!!!

    Thanks everyone - I will keep you posted.
  9. no one is allowed to post their eBay IDS or auctions here.

  10. Usually when I'm searching I put the item handbag/purse in the search field as well. I don't click on the categories unless I want to filter stuff out. Also, different ebay sites have different ways to categorize stuff. And so if you choose specific categories, you'll miss out on auctions from other countries coz they are under slightly different categories.