Doh!!! I Broke My Ban....

  1. Ok.....I admit I'm too weak :push:to stick with my purse ban.....I went into LV Crown store and got something......:sweatdrop:.

    Damier Azur pochette accessories
    and LE Denim Cruise scarf!!!! The SA was awesome, she even gave me a free category:heart:. I felt quite lucky to be honest, since they only got one denim cruise scarf in just yesterday, and the damier azur pochette was the only one left.



    I tied the scarf on my LH, I think it looks really cute~~

  2. AIEEEEEEEE~! I love that scarf! And the Azur pochette is beautiful! Congrats on ur new additions!
  3. How much was the scarf!? :drool:
  4. naughty girl! :p congrats on the Azur Pochette... love the scarf!
  5. Absolutely beautiful, I love the pochette and scarf.. and your lockit too! Congratulations!!!:yahoo:
  6. congrats! love the denim scarf...mind if I ask what is the retail on that...
  7. It was AUD$215.:yes: Hehe~also my only item from the denim cruise line:heart:!!
  8. Congrats! My azur pochette was the last one when I got it for my birthday..lucky us!!
  9. I know:sweatdrop:.....I feel bad.....:noggin:
  10. LOVE that scarf!!
  11. Cruise Scarf?!?!?! That is the cutest thing ever!!! Congrats!
  12. The scarf looks adorable on the LH!! Congrats!
  13. That pochette is gorgeous!!!
    oh and LVbabydoll... u need to take those cupcakes out of your signature... everytime I see it I crave cupcakes soooooooo much!!!! LOL!
  14. Congrats! Love the scarf!
  15. I am drooling over that scarf... wow.. I love it.. looks great on the lockit too.. nice azur pochette.. now I am obsessing.. enjoy!!!!!!