D'oh! Another decision dilemma!

  1. Last night I was having the hardest time choosing between my next LV, either a neverfull mm (to serve as my work/baby/everyday bag) or a damier speedy (my dream bag, a classic piece). In following the advice of my fellow TPFers, I finally decided on the neverfull, and I went to check it out at the LV boutique. It really is a beautiful bag, and I was ready to buy it right then and there. But then my SA told me that it's coming out in damier in June! So now the question is...mono or damier neverfull?!? I can't make a purchase without comparing them both IRL, so I guess I have to wait until June to buy my next LV!

    Who else is excited to see the neverfull in damier? :nuts:
  2. I prefer mono!
  3. I CANNOT wait to see it in Damier! i hope I love it! and if you can wait, then wait! otherwise, get the mono now and the damier later!
  4. I prefer the mono, and that's what I went with ! :yes:

    Go with what you like better, since you're going to be carrying the bag !
  5. I think the Neverfull is better in mono.
  6. :tup:
  7. mono - Honestly, I don't buy anything that isn't mono
  8. i saw neverfull damier in lookbook yesterday.
    and I don't love it at all.

    in mono looks alot better in my opinion
  9. I think it might look better in mono even though I'm a damier guy. Get it in mono and then later get the damier speedy!
  10. After my recent purchase of my first Damier---A Berkeley----I'm a big Damier fan!:yes:
  11. i prefer the mono.
  12. I wish I could! I'm supposed to be on a ban, and I'm still going to get the neverfull! :p I'd like to get the damier speedy, but that will be much, much later.
  13. Mono!
  14. I think the Damier Neverfull has been pushed back to 2009 so maybe get the mono now!
  15. Saw the picture of the Neverfull damier and think it looks better in Mono...because of the contrast..canvas and vachetta. Of course, the one I want to see is the Azur....guess we are going to have to wait until xmas 08 for that( thought they should of release Azur first..summmer..beach..light colors)