1. Altho it is some what granny-ish well used to be? I really wanna buy a dogtooth coat, which one shall i go for? or not go for it at all.. :s



  2. I like the second one!! Here we call it Houndstooth.
  3. second one
  4. second
  5. We call it houndstooth here. And houndstooth is very elegant. It's a classic and it's very big for this season.

    I vote for the second coat.
  6. I'd go for either the third or the second, depending on your body shape and wardrobe.
  7. I really like the first, but the red and white might not go with as much as the second one would.
  8. I like the second choice
  9. The second one. I've wanted a coat like that forever but can't find one anywhere.
  10. thanks everybody, Ive seen something similar to the second and its hip length so might get that :biggrin:
  11. Second one
  12. Love the second one.
  13. The second one, no question!
  14. Love dogtooth!! Second is the best of those.
  15. We also call this fabrication houndstooth. I like the second coat. It is not too old ladyish at all. It is classic and it is something you can wear many ways for many years. It is all how you rock it with your own style.