Dogsters Coolest PURSE Dog Winner!!!

  1. I hope the pic comes out right!!! I am on Dogster and they published the 2007 Photo Winners and they had a PURSE category! I had to put him here!!!

    I also added a couple more of MY favorites!! They are SOOOO cute !!!
    36950.jpg 41909.jpg 54713.jpg
  2. cute!!!!!
  3. Ohh those are fun! Thanks for posting! I love this one:


    that is soooooo cute!
  4. The pitbull with the baseballs is so cute! It reminds me of my dog growing up. Our backyard was littered with shredded balls all the time :lol:
  5. aww too adorable, thanks for sharing.
  6. these are so cute!!!
  7. I love them all of course but the bull dog smile just kills me!!!!!!!